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    8: Roleplaying at Feudal Dynasty

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    8: Roleplaying at Feudal Dynasty Empty 8: Roleplaying at Feudal Dynasty

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:45 am

    ::Roleplaying at Feudal Dynasty::

    Feudal Dynasty has a unique battle system that can be used with or without the Roleplaying System. The Roleplay System can be used during the Battles, after battles, or in place of the battle system.Not only will we discuss how the two system can work together or separately; but also, special Roleplaying Rules made for Feudal Dynasty.

    Roleplay Rules and Benefits

    • The Roleplay time limit is 30 minutes.
    • Creating a Character and Roleplaying will not only allow the player to participate in the Storyline; but also, allow the Player to choose what actions occur during the storyline.
    • If the Player roleplays, the player will be able to use the Alignment System. This will allow the player to be as evil as Orochimaru or as noble as Minato.
    • Roleplaying allows the User to gain Critical Hits or Defense. The Critical Hit/Defense rules will be explained in depth in the Roleplay Battle System.
    Stand Alone RP System

    • Stand Alone Roleplaying can be set to topics only for Roleplayers (so no one can jump you with the Battle System Rules) but you can fight/Playerjump/etc in these topics but one must Roleplay them.
    • Roleplay time limits can between the Roleplayers. The Max is 1 Day.
    • Players are allowed to roleplay anything except traveling on the site that is Battle System Oriented from Fighting and Missions to Teaching.
    • Since Roleplaying takes a bit more effort than spam posting, You may submit your Roleplay Topics to be graded for Potential Experience Points. This will be explained in depth in Step 9.
    Roleplay Battle System

    • When Roleplaying in the same post as using the Battle System, The Time limit set for the Battle System is extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
    • If you and your opponents choose to roleplay and fight, then you or your opponent may score a Critical Hit/Defense.
    • A Critical Hit/Defense occurs when one Player Roleplays a Skill used in combat and the Target roleplays but forgets to roleplay the Skill. Every Skill that wasnt Roleplayed gains either a Half Base Damage Boost/ +50 Effect Boost/ +1 Turn Boost. Defensive Skills may Defend against another skill or gain Halfe Base DP boost if it shields against all.
    After Event Roleplay

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