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    3: Introduction to Roleplaying Battle.

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    3: Introduction to Roleplaying Battle. Empty 3: Introduction to Roleplaying Battle.

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:33 am

    T1 Rules and Guidelines

    This is the Guidebook written by James S. Rascal with minor alterations to further fit the structure of Naruto Forum Roleplay.

    T1 is a common logic way of text fighting. Even though T1 is based off the imagination, logic in life still exists within T1. Respect, Honor, and Trust are all key points needed to have a clean fun form of competition amongst one on one, or multiples against one. Order and communication is most important when dealing the starting posts in T1.

    T1 is a multi-style way of fighting that has been in RP as long as anyone has been around. T1 has been around since the days of Yahoo Roleplay when Rooms of Arts and Entertainment was founded, which is now called Entertainment and Arts. Back then during the dawn of RP the rooms of Arts and Entertainment were called A&E, also known as Ayenee. Little by little it evolved and began to become popular all over the Chats which then migrated into Forums.

    T1 RM:

    T1 Realistic Melee. This is the Style that is human against human. With real-life limitations such as human capabilities of running, jumping, reaction-time, body integrity, vision and etc. Perfect example would be Double Dragon basic fighting, or Bruce Lee Movies.

    T1 UM:

    T1 Unrealistic Melee. This is the Style that is above average human against human that are capable of using things such as Magic attack, Sorcery, Vampirism, Lycanthropy. Perfect example would be Underworld.

    T1 MP:
    T1 Moderate Powers. This is the Style that is commonly used now as a more realistic look towards T1 PC. The characters in this style have special powers, just not ones that have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Powers such as elemental abilities are acceptable, but if there is a power that is capable of using all elements you must keep that power in moderate use. Perfect example would be Bleach, and Naruto.

    T1 PC:
    T1 Powered Characters. This Style is the most difficult of them all to learn. The complexity of characters abilities and powers are what get them called "God Moders". The depth put into one character, with the powers, abilities, explanations of terrain, dimension, sub-abilities, character background, and traits will lead an inexperienced opponent to believe there is invincibility about the character.
    These are the Styles of T1. For all purposes this website uses the style of T1 Moderate Powers.

    Posting Information For Your Intro in a T1

    1: If you choose to RP while using our Battle system,your Time limit is extended to 30 Minutes.

    2. The First Posts from every person cannot state an attack. They cannot prepare an attack. This is an intro, the beginning of the battle. (Note: This Includes Handseals, and Eye Jutsus)

    3: The First RP Post cannot be used in conjunction with the Battle System.

    3. You have to Post what your character looks like. Example: Clothing, Hair Color and style, skin color, eye color, height, weight (optional), and any armor.

    3. You have to post what the area is that you and your opponent are going to fight in or are in. This is the landscape, and surroundings. Example: Weather, time of day, type of terrain, how much of something is there. Be specific.

    4. You have to post what type of weapons, powers, abilities, and traits your character is going to use in the fight.

    5. If you are posting your intro first, do not state where your opponent is, what they are doing, or where they are to begin until they state otherwise in their post after.

    6. Your character and only your character is what you are narrating.

    -Note 1: The reason for T1ing is to test you against others and make them believe they have been beaten by your character and skill.

    -Note 2: Forgetting information that is needed in your intro, cannot be used later in the fight (This includes Landscaping to the advantage). This is grounds for disqualification under God Moding, showing that you will make anything up to win.

    -Note 3: Since all characters in Naruto Forum Roleplay have bios there is no need to list any powers, or abilities. However weapons must be stated.

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