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    Roleplaying Grading System

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     Roleplaying Grading System Empty Roleplaying Grading System

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:48 am

    Roleplaying Grading System

    After Roleplaying, The Roleplayers may Report the Roleplay to receive rewards similar to reporting Missions.

    • Roleplays are categorized by Grades.
    • Roleplayers need a Finished Character Biography to roleplay.
    • There are two separate Grades and Rewards. One is Overall grade while the other is Per Post Grade.
    • There is no Max to the Amount of Roleplayers in a Roleplay.
    • The Grading system has 5 Categories which will be explained in depth later on.
    • The Categories are Guidelines, We understand that grading Roleplays require an open Mind.
    The Categories
    Categories(Total Points) Description
    Descriptions are subject to change
    Global Impression (20): The Overall Feel is graded here. Originality is Graded in this Section.
    Grammar Accuracy(10): Players using Correct Grammar, Spelling, and Sentence Structure while Roleplaying.
    Characterization (15): Players roleplaying using IC and OOC formats correctly.
    Vocabulary Usage (5): Players using correct words in roleplaying as well as not repeating the same word.
    Description/Depth(10): Players describing objects and events clearly and thorough.

    The Grades
    Grade: Points Range: Overall Reward: Per Post Reward
    Fail:1-11 (0 EXP) 0 EXP
    D:12-21 (150 EXP) 5 Exp Per Post
    C:22-33 (300 EXP) 10 Exp Per Post
    B:34-44 (450 EXP) 20 Exp Per Post
    A:45-57 (600 EXP) 30 Exp Per Post
    S:58-60 (850 EXP) 40 Exp Per Post

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