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    Summon Rules

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    Summon Rules Empty Summon Rules

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:13 pm

    Basic Rules

    • Upon Signing an Animal Contract,The Ninja will be allowed to not only Create but also play as the Custom animal in that Family.
    • Whenever the Ninja decides to begin their Summon Account, The Ninja may either post a Request or PM an Administrator the Summon's Name/Password.
    • The Summon's World is much similar to the Ninja/Human World;in fact, they share the same World but we think its best if an animal or Ninja cannot see/participate in both worlds freely.
    • Summons have their own Level Chart and Grow up/become stronger by doing missions/sparring each other,The missions are the same as the ones in the Ninja World.
    • After becoming an Adolescent,The Animal must decide what Class it wants to be. The Summon Cannot change Class after selecting one.
    • Custom Summons can die like anything in the world and must post in the Afterlife.
    Advanced Rules

    • Summons have their own Skill/Passive and Trait Limit/Maneuvers ;The Summon may either Attack in the same post as the User or the User can make the Summon its own post.
    • If the Summon and User/Ally are in the Same Square, User/Ally Defensive Skills will also Defend the Summon,Excluding Multi-Hits/Range.
    • Group Summons can be formed whenever 2 or more Players decide to combine their summons,The Health/Chakra/Stamina are split between the available summons.
    • Summons in a Group summon Follow the Team Rules.They are allowed to move independently.
    Human Rules Regarding Summons

      Kuchiyose Jutsu:Summoning(### Life,## CP) Summons the selected onto the Battlefield, The Summon Can only Defend on this turn.
      Summoning Tattoo (75 Life,## CP) Summons the Selected onto the Battlefield. The Summon is not restricted on what it may do on it's first turn.
      Scroll Summon (### Chakra,## CP) Requires Experience points from the Caster to create the Scroll. The Scroll may contain the selected Summon and its Attacks. The scroll cannot be changed. Summons can only use attacks if summoned through a scroll.
    • Three Ways to Summon:Hand Signs,Scrolls, and Summoning Tattoo
    • Along with Chakra/Life Cost,The Summoner must use Creature Points to Summon. The user regains the Creature points when the Summon leaves the battlefield or Dies.
    • Custom Summons can be used by other Players if the Owner Desires, The Summon will be evaluated and then placed in the Market for others to summon.
    • Players must be aware that a Dead Custom Summon cannot be used,If a Player uses a Dead Summon,the Player's Turns will be voided. Pending Summons cannot be used.
    • The amount of Experience Points required to create a Summoning Scroll is the Summon's Level x the # Rank #.
    Base Health/Energy For Ranks
    1:Youth:200 Life/400 Energy
    -2:Adolescent:+150 Life/200 Chakra and Stamina
    -3:Young Adult:+250 Life/300 Chakra and Stamina
    -4:Adult:+400 Life/400 Chakra and Stamina
    -5:Ancient:+300 Life/200 Chakra and Stamina

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