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    Roleplay Battle Rules

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    Roleplay Battle Rules Empty Roleplay Battle Rules

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:47 am

    :::Roleplay Rules:::

    1: Post in turns.

    2: Roleplaying is not required but will allow the Player to participate in the Site's Storyline. There are three different ways to Roleplay in fights: In conjunction with our Battle System during the battle, The Aftermath of the fight, Roleplaying a fight (without using the Battle system). Remember,if you choose to use RP with the Battle System, you can only RP what you do in your turn.

    3: If you choose to Roleplay in battle, Your time limit will be extended by 15 minutes.

    4: The Opponent/Other Player(s) are not required to roleplay If you Roleplay.

    5: If you forget to post something in your intro; Power, ability, weapon, or train you cannot use it at any time later in the fight. Those things forgotten are off limits. If they are used, it is grounds for Disqualification from the match through the No God Moding tolerance. This is a competition between the knowledge of two minds on how well they know their character.

    6: There is a minimum sentence requirement per rank.
    Genin/Chuunin= 3 Sentences
    Special Jounin= 4 Sentences
    Jounin= 5 Sentences

    7: No God Moding. This goes towards those that take a hit in the T1 and get up from it like nothing ever happened. T1ing is a competition against two different skills. The first is to outsmart and outmatch their opponent is the winner. The easiest way to winning a T1 is to always keep in mind, the first one that lands a hit wins.

    8: No Auto-Attacks. This is the statement that your attack landed without letting your opponent counter, block, dodge, avoid, or deflect in their posts after.

    9: Correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and all quality of your posts is the means of gaining a win. Run-on sentences and poor explanations about the character or anything of the sort are subject to disqualification or request to do another post if not acceptable. The more effort one puts into their character's post the better and smoother the fight will go.

    10: All attacks are attempted; you do not post attacking and connecting in the same turn. Attempting and connecting in the same turn is an auto.

    11: An interrupt is where User "A" reacts before the end of User "B"s prior turn. As an example, User "B" might draw his sword, curse, and then run across thirty feet before stopping, jumping, and swinging his sword at User "A"s neck. In response, User "A" would post drawing his sword and charging at User "B" as User "B" is running, therefore rendering the neck strike (in that form) having never happened. Interrupts are often regarded as the backbone of melee.

    12: A hypothetical is where User "A" posts that, should User "A" dodge to the West, he will bring his sword across; a hypothetical is a follow-up, a move that will happen if one or more conditions are met. Hypotheticals imply forethought, so they can be considered planned moved In Character, and therefore do not demand the same conscious considering that would otherwise be demanded; also, hypotheticals might account for where a given attack would land if such and such defense were performed, like having a thrust to the stomach being displaced to the neck if the foe ducks.

    13: Both interrupts and hypotheticals, and, indeed, all elements of T1 must be logical or else cannot happen; if you are interrupting a nearly split-second move, for instance, as you are looking the other way and engaged in some other motion, you will not succeed. Likewise, if your hypothetical is that your 140 pound axe will be swung left into the ribs if its potent downward blow is evaded, and your enemy is nimble and simply ran to the side at the "last moment," you naturally will not hit him.

    14: More Rules to come. We are testing out Role playing at the moment. We appreciate feedback, both negative and positive.

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