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    Travelling Rules

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    Travelling Rules Empty Travelling Rules

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:14 pm

    General Travel Rules

    • Users must update their location on their profile or else all missions/activities will be counted as void.
    • Traveling to a different Land requires 100 Post,Traveling inside your current land will cost 75 Post.
    • The Player must state: the Location he/she is currently staying in,a number of Landmarks in between the Current Location and Destination,and the Destination they wish to travel to.
    • When Selecting Landmarks,The Player must select one landmark in its current land and one landmark in the Land where the Destination is. The Landmarks cannot be the place you wish to travel.
    • For every 25 Post,the Travelers will have traveled through one Location.
    • If the Destination is inside the current Land,you only need to travel through one landmark.
    • If you do not wish to post, The user can post the topic and wait. Every 25 post equals 3 minutes. 100 post equals 10 minutes.
    • You may only be Attacked/Receive aid from Players who are in Adjacent and Current Locations.Once i enter the Giant Forest, Only People from the Leaf Village/Infernal Desert can attack me.

    Im Traveling to the Hidden Sand Village from the Hidden Leaf Village.
    Going through Giant Forest (Fire Landmark) and Barren Desert (Wind landmark)
    Leaf Village(1-25):Giant Forest(26-49):Barren Desert(50-99):Hidden Sand Village

    Post#1-25=Can only be attacked by Players in the Leaf Village and Giant Forest. If you escape,you are located back in the Leaf Village.
    Post#26-49=Can only be attacked by Players in the Giant Forest and Infernal Desert. If you escape,you are located in Giant Forest.
    Post#50-74=Can only be attacked by Players in the Infernal Desert and Hidden Sand Village.If you escape,you are located in Infernal Desert.
    Post#75-100=Can only be attacked by players in Sand Village and Barren Desert. If you Escape and are under 100 Post,you are still Located in the Barren Desert.

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