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    Strong Fist Style

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    Strong Fist Style Empty Strong Fist Style

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:24 am

    Strong Fist

    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Level 15

    Strong Fist Stance:External Damage (25 Stamina Per Turn,Passive) Enables Strong Fist Stance. One Taijutsu Gains: Bruise for 1 Turn.
    Leaf Gale (25 Stamina) Interrupts the opponent from casting a technique,if player adds an additional 50 stamina, technique gains 75 Life damage and Knockback:1,cant be interrupted.
    -Front Lotus(100 Stamina; 150 life) 500 life damage,Cant Avoid or Block,and Interrupt by Taijutsu costing under 100 Stamina. Sends the Target to the Base Level and then under one row.Range 0. Requires First Gate.
    Shadow of the Dancing Leaf(50 stamina,100 stamina Knockup:2) 100 Life damage, Knock Up:2,Next Taijutsu cant be avoided may only become Inevitable twice.It may gain Cant Dodge instead.cannot be interrupted.
    Leaf Whirlwind (75 Stamina)Multi-hit 150 Life Damage, If avoided by Taijutsu;Target receives 75 Life damage.Cant Interrupt/Dodge.Range:0

    Level 20

    Leaf Rising Wind (100 Stamina)150 Life Damage,Knocks Back:2. Disarms the Opponent for 3 turns. Cant Guard/Dodge.
    Great Leaf Whirlwind(125 Stamina)Multi-hit 300 Life Damage, If avoided by Taijutsu;Next Taijutsu cannot be Interrupted,unless inevitable .Cant Interrupt/Dodge/Guard.Range:0
    Leaf Strong Whirlwind (200 Stamina) 450 Life Damage.KnockBack:2, Cannot be Downgraded.Inevitable,Once per Battle.
    -Reverse Lotus(200 Stamina; 300 life) 700 life damage, inevitable,Once per every three Gates. User gains the effect:Immoblized for 3 Turns.Sends the Target to the Base Level and then under one row.Knockdown Effect Still Occurs if Blocked. Range:0


    • Bruise Effect:Next Taijutsu Hit Gains:+25 Life/Stamina Damage. Taijutsu Effect Boost:Fracture Handsign/Slow Effects increase by 1 Turn. Enfeeble/Impair are increased by +75.

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