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    Genjutsu Traits

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    Genjutsu Traits

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:01 am

    Cost:2 JP
    Inner Personality Releases from all Genjutsu cost 75 Chakra or under or Increases Genjutsu Damage by 50,Requires Genjutsu Damage for second effect. Once every 3 Turns.

    Cost:4 JP
    Clear Mind Player Calms itself during the heat of Battle. Any Berserk/Impair/Confuse/Blind/Enfeeble Effect is reduced by One Round. Once Every 3 Turns.

    Cost:4 JP
    Mind Distortion Opponent must pay +50 Life or Chakra to Release one Genjutsu used this turn. Once per 3 Turns.

    Cost:4 JP
    Fearless The User shows no fear to the opponent. The Player can run through a hazardous area on the Battlefield without being affected. Twice per battle. Can Stack 2 Times.

    Cost:6 JP
    Murderous Intent Genjutsu Holds are increased by an additonal turn;however, the max Holding limit of a Genjutsu is 3 Turns.

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