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    Water (Suiton)

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    Water (Suiton) Empty Water (Suiton)

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:34 pm

    Water (Suiton) Water-1


    • The Chakra Paper dampens,your Chakra Affinity is Water! You may learn and use Water Elemental Techniques!
    • Water is strong against Fire,but weak against Earth.
    • While in a Stalemate/Deadlock with a Fire Element Jutsu, The Water Technique will Win. Water Jutsu will lose to a Earth Jutsu
    • Opponent's Earth Attacks deal +100 Life Damage to User's Water Shields,while Opponent's Fire Attacks deal -100 Life Damage.
    • User's Water Skills deal +100 Life Damage to Opponent's Fire Shields,and -100 Life Damage to Opponent's Earth Shields.
    Requirements: 250 Ryou,500 Experience Points.

    Soothing Drizzle(75 chakra) Heals 25 Life for one turn,25 Stamina the next,and 50 chakra on the third turn.affects only two allies and yourself. Chakra is not lost,if interrupted. Range 1
    Wave Barrage(50 Chakra per Wave)Multi-Hit,Waves deal 100 Life damage.max of 4 waves. cannot be Guarded. Range 2
    Mist(200 chakra) Camouflages All Allies/User.The players affected cannot be affected by attacks for three turns.cant interrupt,can only be used once per battle.
    Whirlpool(100 chakra) Multi-Hit Holds opponents for two turns.cant be interrupted or Shielded. Range 3

    Requirements:500 Ryou,750 Experience Points.

    Soothing Rain (150 chakra) Heals 50 life/Stamina for 2 turns,and 150 Stamina on the 3rd turn,affects all allies.Can only be used 2 times. if interrupted,User loses only 50 chakra. Range:4
    Flood (200+### chakra)Multi-hit 400 Chakra damage,for every 25 chakra,+50 life damage {can only use +100 chakra}.cant be Avoided/Guarded.Line-Range 4
    Change Of Tide (150 chakra,passive) The User Reverses all opponent's multi hits/range,and switches them to Single Attacks.This effect last for 3 turns,can only be used once per battle.
    Waterfall (100+### chakra) 150 Life Damage/50 Stamina damage,for every 25 chakra,+50 life damage {can only use 100 chakra}Cant interrupt/Block.Multi-Range:4
    Deluge (200 chakra) 300 life damage,confuse for 2 turns. Cannot be Avoided/Blocked/Interrupted.Once per battle.Multi-Range 4

    Requirements:1000 Ryou,1250 Experience Points.

    Downpour (400 chakra) All Allies and yourself gain +50 Health, Stamina, and Chakra for 10 turns. opponents will lose 25 unmodifiable life for 5 turns.Can only be used once,no matter what.cant be interrupted
    Controlled Current (200 chakra,passive)User can add bonuses to Water Skills.cost 50 chakra per turn to keep active.

    • Captures opponent for 1 turn,
    • Multi hit,
    • +50 life damage.
    Fountain of Youth (200 Chakra) User's health is transformed back to what it was 3 turns ago.Can only regain up to 600 Health. can only be used once per battle.
    Hot Spring (600 chakra) This can only be used during Resting. User and Allies will gain +300 Health/Chakra/Stamina.once per battle.
    Tsunami (300 chakra) Multi-Hit 400 Life damage, holds the opponents for 2 turns,after Hold, Confused for 1 turn. cant interrupt or Guard.Multi-Range:3
    Monsoon (150 chakra)Multi-hit 300 life damage, blinds all opponents for 2 turns. cant be Avoided/Shielded,if Guarded,opponent takes 50 stamina damage. Multi-Range 4
    Puddle Absorption (300 chakra) User turns into a puddle, the user can escape after this move and automatically avoid all attacks from this turn and last turn,including genjutsu. once per battle.

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