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    Premade Custom Items

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    Premade Custom Items Empty Premade Custom Items

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:05 pm

    Premade Custom Items

    • The Premade Custom Items (PCIs) System is completely Dependent upon Fighting NPCs and completing Missions.
    • The PCIs are Items that you create by combining Items dropped from NPCs or completing certain missions (IE:Gather/Escort missions).
    • To make a PCI,you need a minimum of two items and a maximum of 5 Items.
    • PCIs range from Poisons,Healing Items,Armor and Weapons (At the moment,it is just Healing Items)
    • the Staff will roll what effects will be on the new item by choosing one of the Effects per item by using the random generators.
    • The Player has the right to name the Final Product whatever he/she wishes.
    • PCIs can only be created in a village unless the Player has an item that says otherwise.
    • Each PCI will have different duration. Some may be used once while others can be used multiple times.

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