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    Throwing Items

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    Throwing Items Empty Throwing Items

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:27 am

    Throwing Items

    Throwing Items Kunai

    Cost:4 Ryou
    Kunai(1 Inventory Slot)50 Life Damage,Range 4.

    Throwing Items Shuriken

    Cost: 4 Ryou
    Shuriken(1 Inventory Slot)50 Life Damage, Range 4.

    Throwing Items Senbon

    Cost:4 Ryou
    Needles(1 Inventory Slot)Bleeds 25 for 2 Turns.Range:4

    Throwing Items Makibishi

    Cost:10 Ryou
    Makibishi(1 Inventory Slot) Any Player that Runs through the selected square on the next Turn is slowed for one turn.Range:2

    Throwing Items Ayatsuito

    Cost:10 Ryou
    Cord(1 Inventory Slot)Holds an opponent for one turn,Range 3.

    Throwing Items ExplodingPouch
    Cost:14 Ryou
    Explosive Pouch(1 Inventory Slot) 25 Life Damage,Interrupts Opponent from Casting a Technique costing 75 Stamina/Chakra or lower.

    Throwing Items ExplodingNote

    Cost:16 Ryou
    Explosive Tag(2 Inventory Slot)Multi-Hit 100 Life damage,Range 4.

    Throwing Items FubukiIce2

    Cost:16 Ryou
    Ice Bombs(2 Inventory Slots)100 Life Damage,Line-Range:4

    Throwing Items File

    Cost: 125 Ryou
    File(1 Inventory Slot) Allows the User to End/Escape a Throwing Item's Holding Effect. Once per Battle.

    Throwing Items SmokeBomb

    Cost: 6 Ryou
    Smoke Bomb(1 Inventory Slot)Dodge One Technique.

    Throwing Items SmokeGrenade

    Cost:16 Ryou
    Smoke Canister(2 Inventory Slots)Multi-Hit Confuses for one turn.Range:4

    Cost:200 Ryou
    Scroll(2 Inventory Slot) Allows User to Summon Creatures or Weapons into Battle,Each school will have a required amount to use.

    Throwing Items WindmillShuriken

    Cost:200 Ryou
    Shadow Shuriken(3 Inventory Slot) 125 Life Damage, Range 4. If used twice in a row, the Second one cant be interrupted.

    Throwing Items ShikaLight

    Cost:50 Ryou
    Flash Bomb (1 Inventory Slots)Multi-Hit Blinds Opponents for One Turn.

    Throwing Items Weighedchains

    Cost:150 Ryou
    Weighed Chains (3 Inventory Slots)Holds Opponent for 2 Turns. Range:2

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