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    5: Attacking

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    5: Attacking Empty 5: Attacking

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:41 am


    Now that you have the intro stage pretty much mastered, now comes the hard part. In attacking posts you are to state what powers you will be using, what skill you are creating, what combo it might turn into, or what preparation you will be doing. Much like Intros, your attacks need to follow the same guidelines:

    • organization
    • clarity
    • direction
    • actions taking to do such things.

    Now, just like domino's, the straighter your tokens are stacked the easier it will be to make them all fall down. This means, as long as you keep it in a certain direction while attacking you will be fine.

    What Not to Do

    User "A" attacks full force with his blade of ice in attempt to freeze his foe by slashing at him 12 times in every direction.

    With this action taken you need to keep in mind that two slashes (assuming this is a Basic Swing/Attack) at the most can be attempted. And your key word in your attacks is "Attempt". Just because you have a wide based form of attacking all at once, doesn't mean that they will land or any of them will land at all. There will be defenses, dodges, and counters that will avoid, throw off, or make you look like a flailing fish out of water.

    Your attacks are to be planned out, not in effects to your enemy, but with your own attacks to make sure you can have a chance to abort any actions done just in case. Your attacks are to make sense in both real life and role play. Taking real life into consideration means that if you swing a 50 lb sword around, the slashes after the first one will be drastically slowed down because inertia will be pulling the sword to the left if your character tries to swing it in the opposite direction after his entering attempt.
    Side Note:
    Please note however that with Naruto Forum Roleplay there are however exceptions due to a person's Level, Element(s),Birthright,Expertise(s),and Energy Amplifiers

    Please note however that with Naruto Forum Roleplay there are however exceptions due to a person's Class level, Skill Level, Specialists and what their profession may be.
    Side Note:
    When it comes to cutting/removing off a part of the human body it is up to the one being attacked to make that choice regardless of the attack.

    You are to also tell the time span of how long attacks take to perform. Say your speed allows you to move quickly being able to close a 20 ft gap in 3 seconds. Information like that will be needed in making actions that your foe will need time to perform their move, may it be to dodge, counter, or block. Each movement must be stated as to how long it takes to make.

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