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    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:24 am


    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Weight of the Yokozuna(Static) All KnockBack Techniques are reduced by 1.
    Enter the Dohyo(5 Throwing Items) Anything that goes outside this Technique's Range or Gets Knocked Down within the Range will Receive 200 Life/Stamina/Chakra Damage.Move-Set:1.Cant Interrupt.Last for Entire Battle,once per battle. Range 3
    Shourisha! (Attribute) The Last Player remaining in the Dohyo gains this Attribute. User's Knockback skills are increased by 1. All Players out of the Ring Lose 25 Stamina every 2 turns.
    *Tachi-Ai (25 Stamina)Immoblizes Opponent for 1 turn.Reduces any Knockback Technique Aimed at the User to 0.Cant Dodge/Guard/Interrupt.Move-Range 3
    Slap Down (25 Stamina) Knocks Opponent Down.Cant Avoid
    Pulling Inside Ankle Sweep(75 Stamina) Knocks the Opponent out one Square.Increases by 1 if Used after Tachi-Ai. Cant Guard/Dodge.
    One-Armed Shoulder Throw(125 Stamina) 200 Stamina Damage,Throws the opponent behind your Square. Cant Block/Interrupt.
    Headlock Throw (150 Stamina) Holds/Chokes 75 for 3 Turns,after the Hold, The Opponent is thrown the opponent behind your Square.Cant Guard/Interrupt.
    Lifting Throw(200 Stamina) 250 Life/Stamina Damage. Knock Back/Down the opponent by 2 Squares. Cant Block/Interrupt.
    Fisherman's Throw(125 Stamina) Knocks Opponent Forward 2 Squares.
    Bell Hammer Drop(200 Stamina) Holds Opponent and then Jumps outside the Dohyo,The Opponent receives the damage. Inevitable,twice per battle.

    *=Requires the User to be in the Dohyo.
    Note:Dohyo can only be used on the Floor Level,The Ring is only on the three affected Floor Levels.
    Enter the Dohyo Note: Using a Defensive Skill on the Dohyo's Damage will reduce the Skill to 75 Life/Stamina/Chakra Damage. The Defensive Skill may still defend against other skills.

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