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    Warhammer Empty Warhammer

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:05 am

    Warhammer Warhammer-large

    DP: 300

    Devastating Blow (Attribute) One Taijutsu gets Knockback:1 added to it, if it already had Knockback it gets increased by 1. Once every 2 Turns.
    Draw (0 Stamina) Draws the weapon, allowing you to use it in battle.
    Sheath (0 Stamina) Sheaths the weapon, you can't use it in battle now.
    Guard (0 Stamina) Guards against Any Non Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Technique, Weapon is dealt tenth of the Damage.
    Smash(100 Stamina, 2 DP) 200 Life Damage, Knock Down:1. Cant Guard/Dodge. Range:1
    Bludgeon(150 Stamina, 2 DP) 300 Life Damage, Impair 125 for 3 turns. Slows opponent for one turn. Cant Guard/Dodge. Range:1
    Rock Splitter(200 Stamina, 2 DP) 300 Life Damage, Disables Target's Armor Effects for 2 turns. Cant Interrupt/Block
    Spiked Grapple (75 Stamina, 2 DP)100 Life Damage,Holds Opponent for 1 turn. All Warhammer Skills used on the held target receive +100 Life Damage. Cant Avoid/Interrupt Range:0
    Body Breaker(225 Stamina, 3 DP)300 Life Damage, Immobilizes Opponent for one turn. If Blocked, User cannot use Handsigns and Slowed for 2 turns. Cant Dodge/Guard/Interrupt.Range:1
    Skull Crusher(250 Stamina, 3 DP) 500 Life Damage, Opponent Cannot Revive using Traits if this is the Killing Blow. Cant Guard/Avoid/Interrupt. Once per Battle.Range:0

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