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    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:47 am

    Requirements:Level 40+6000 Ryou+Fuse into Material 50 Times with Attack Prevention Technique+Base Chakra of 2300 or more

    Chakra Movement Specialist(Attribute) After observing/defending against a Technique with Attack Prevention, the player may copy that technique and use it whenever the User is in that current material while adding Effects. May Copy up to 8 Techniques.
    Sub-Elemental Material Fusion(Static) When Fusing with a Sub Elemental,The player must choose one effect from each main element.
    Erasing Existence (100 Life and Chakra,passive) The Player may add up to four effects when combined with a material,however the Weakness/Strengths of the element are Doubled.
    Erasing the Vision:Detection Prevention (200 Chakra)Cannot be attacked or attack for two turns. User may negate this technique and gain +100 Life Damage and Cant interrupt/Dodge to a Technique if attacking before the Duration Ends. Once every Five turns.
    Erasing Opposition (125 Life and Chakra) One Assimulation Technique becomes Inevitable while gaining +100 Life/Chakra/Stamina Damage. three times per battle.

    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique
    Insert Copied Technique

    Special Effects:May choose up to two effects per Technique,cannot become Inevitable.
    Fusing with Water
    -Absorbs 150 Chakra
    -Negate a Genjutsu on or under 125 Chakra
    -Enfeebles 50 for four turns
    -Regain 75 Life/Chakra/Stamina
    Fusing with Lightning
    -Blind Opponent for Two Turns.
    -Avoiding Techniques may avoid another technique that cost on or under 150 Chakra.
    -Paralyze Opponent for Two turns
    -+150 Life Damage
    Fusing with Fire
    -Prevents the target from using Handsigns for one turn
    -Adds Multi-Hit and Range to One Technique.
    -Burns 50 for Four turns.
    -Shields/Guards deal 75 Life Damage back to Target if on the same square.
    Fusing with Wind
    -Interruption Techniques may counter against another technique that cost on or under 150 Chakra.
    -Confuses opponent for two turns
    -+Range 2
    -Player may move to another Square within the Range of the Technique.
    Fusing with Earth
    -Shields are created with an additional 100 DP
    -Guarding/Shielding Techniques may Block up against another technique if the technique cost on or under 150 chakra.
    -Holds the opponent for one turn,after that turn,Target is immobilized for one turn.
    -Slows opponent for two turns

    -All Techniques Require Attack Prevention Technique to be used on this turn or last turn.
    -The player cannot use the copied techniques without being fused into material.
    If fusing with a Sub Element

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