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    Medical Techniques

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    Medical Techniques

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:30 am

    Requirements:Level 20,4000 Ryou,750 Experience Points.


    Mystical Hand (75 Chakra) Heals 100 Life to the selected Target.Range:0
    Chakra Scalpel (50 Chakra per turn,passive) All Taijutsu Damage will Increase with +25 Life Damage and +75 Stamina Damage.Range:0
    Ache Relief (75 Chakra per Effect's Duration) Reduces or Ends an Debuffing Effect such as: Impairs, Berserks, Enfeebles, Fracture,and Confusion.Range:0
    Soothing Touch (100 Chakra) Reduces Blind Techniques by Two Rounds.Range:0


    Healing Grains (50 Chakra per every turn) Heals 50 Life per # Rounds.Technique is Disabled if Damaged. Cant interrupt.Range:0
    Healing Root (150 Chakra) Erases any Negative Effects from a Healing/Resting Items. Three Times Per Battle.Range:0
    Thermal Homeostatic Sustenance (100 Chakra) Restores 150 Stamina to an Ally. Twice per Ally.Range:0
    Blood Toxin Decontamination (125 Chakra) Ends Any Poison Effect that has Three or Less Rounds left in its Duration, Cannot affect Plague Techniques. cant interrupt.Range:0


    Active Cell Regeneration (50 Chakra per turn,Passive) User restores 50 Life every turn while Reducing any Techniques that successfulyl Damage by 25 Life and Stamina Damage. This is automatically deactivated if user cannot/doesn't pay chakra amount.Range:0
    Fine Affliction Extraction (200 Chakra,1 Healing Item) Erases any Poison Effects,including Plagues, on the ally. Medic and Ally cannot move this turn/next turn.Range:0


    Healing Resuscitation Regeneration (400 Chakra)Restores 700 Life to an Ally. Can only use on a Target has not used a reviving technique and is able to revive. Once Per Battle.Range:0
    One's Life Resurrection (All Life Points and 1500 Chakra) Revive a Fallen Ally in exchange for the Medic's life. Can only be used Two Times per every 2000 Experience Points.Range:0

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