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    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:20 am

    Requirements: Level 20, 3000 Ryou,850 Experience Points


    Mystical Hand (75 Chakra) Heals 100 Life to the selected Target.Range:0
    Chakra Scalpel (50 Chakra per turn,passive) All Taijutsu Damage will Increase with +25 Life Damage and +75 Stamina Damage.Range:0


    Active Cell Regeneration (50 Chakra per turn,Passive) User restores 50 Life every turn while Reducing any Techniques that successfully Damage by 25 Life and Stamina Damage. This is automatically deactivated if user cannot/doesn't pay chakra amount.Range:0
    Secret Healing Injury Destruction (125 Chakra,passive) Ends any Poison/Debuffing Effect on an attack while regaining Half of the Life that the attack dealt. Once per battle.Range:0
    Poison Roots (150 Chakra) Reverses the Effects an Healing Item. Players must have damaged the target in the last 3 turns to use this.
    Parasetic Chakra Bacteria (50 Chakra per every turn)Poisons 50 Life per # Rounds. Cant interrupt or Block. If used with Chakra Scalpel. Cant Dodge.Range:0


    *Blood Toxin Transfer (200 Chakra) The Medic will switch his Infected blood with another player. Can only pass poison effects.
    *Resurfacing Slice (150 Chakra) 200 Life Damage. Any Healing Techniques used on the Target last turn are negated. once every five turns.
    External Chakra Circulatory Threads (250 Chakra) Holds an Opponent for one turn, If successful. Players Life Points are connected, Meaning if One Takes Damage the other will receive damage. Last for 2 turns,twice per battle. After Second Effect is disabled; This may still be used and holds for three turns.Range:0


    Dead Body Summoning (200 Chakra) Player may summon a Dead Body they have captured.Summoned's Life/Stamina/Chakra bars are cut in half. Summon last for 6 turns.Once per battle.Range:0
    Self Spirit Sealing (400 Chakra) Revives a fallen Ally,however, The Spirit of the fallen is stored inside the Medic. So The Ally and Spirit are now one,cant interrupt.once per battle.Range:0

    *=Requires Chakra Scalpel to be in effect.
    -Can only Contain One Soul Per Body.
    -The User can Learn moves from the Soul/Other Player by training.
    -Cannot be used to seal Wild.

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