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    Shoton Empty Shoton

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:48 am

    Shoton Shoton


    Crystal Wheel (Attribute) Allows User to Run on Water. They are not required to pay any CMP to Stand on Water, but they must make a Maneuver every Turn they are on the Water.
    Kesshō no Yoroi: Crystal Armour (75 Chakra Every 2 Turns) User's Body becomes coated with a thin crystal. Any Taijutsu or Weapon Skills used against the User deal -50 Life or Stamina Damage. User's Taijutsu will also deal +50 Life Damage.
    Shōton no Senbon: Crystal Needles (100 Chakra) Hold an Opponent for 1 Post. After Hold, Impair the Opponent by 100 for 1 Turn. Can't Interrupt/Can't Dodge. Range: 2.


    Suishō Kyō: Jade Crystal Mirror (50 Chakra, Passive) Allows use of Suishō Bunshin no Jutsu: Jade Crystal Clone Technique for the Next 3 Rounds. User may choose any Square within Range 2 to place the Mirror.
    *Suishō Bunshin no Jutsu: Jade Crystal Clone Technique (200 Chakra per Clone) Clone(s) have 250 Health, 500 Chakra and 400 Stamina. Clones can use any Shōton technique and D-ranked Taijutsu the user is able to. Max of 2 clones at any time. Twice per battle.
    Shōton no Heiki: Crystal (Weapon) -Name- (XXX Chakra) Effect Depends on what Weapon is made. Range varies as well.

    • Lance: (150 Chakra) 200 Life Damage. Breaks through a Shield Once per Battle. Can't Interrupt. Line-Range: 3.
    • Blade: (125 Chakra) 125 Life Damage. Taijutsu Deals +25 Life Damage for 3 Rounds, Extra Taijutsu Damage happens automatically. This Technique may also Guard Against 1 Weapon-Based Attack. Range: 0. Once every 3 Rounds.
    • Hexagonal Shuriken: (25 Chakra) 75 Life Damage. Counts as a Throwing Item. Once per Turn. Can't Dodge/Can't Guard. Range: 1.
    • Hexagonal Shuriken - Wild Dance: (175 Chakra) Uses 4 Hexagonal Shurikens, simultaneously, that each deal a separate 75 Life Damage. This is the only Offensive Skill that can be used This Turn. Can't Dodge/Can't Guard/Can't Interrupt. Once every 4 Turns. Range: 1.
    • Giant Hexagonal Shuriken: (100 Chakra) 250 Life Damage. Counts as a Throwing Item. Can't Avoid/Can't Guard. Range: 3.


    Shōton: Crystal Encampment Wall (175 Chakra) Shields User against All Techniques, including 1 Inevitable. DP: 500. Once per Battle.
    ^Jade Crystal Labyrinth Technique (300 Chakra) Creates a Crystal Labyrinth at up to 2 Columns/Rows to Trap the Opponent(s). User may not be in the Labyrinth and only a Jade Crystal Clone may cross into the Labyrinth. Once a Crystal Clone enters, it Splits in Half Becoming 2 Clones with Half of their Original Health, Chakra and Stamina. Only 2 "Half-Clones" may be in the Labyrinth at One Time. A Jutsu of 500 or More Damage can break through the Labyrinth. Range: N/A. Once per Battle.
    Shōton: The Gods' Crossing Technique (200 Chakra) Hold an Opponent for 3 Turns. If this technique is used on water while the Opponent is in water, the Opponent will lose 150 chakra each turn. To break the crystal it needs to be dealt 400 Damage or More. The opponent cant be hit by anything while captured, and cant manuever either. Hold: Can't Avoid/Can't Interrupt. Range:2. Water: Obliterate. Once per Battle.


    Shishō Tenketsu: Pressure Points of Harm and Death (250 Stamina, 100 Life) Regain 400 Chakra. User must use Shōton: Hishin no Yaro Next Turn. Once per Battle.
    +Shōton: Hishin no Yaro - Arrow of Light (250 Chakra) Creates a Crystal Prism around the User. User may not Move Left or Right, but can Float Up or Down in the Air up to 2 Squares per Turn. User Deals 300 Life Damage that is Can't Avoid/Can't Shield/Can't Interrupt Every Turn. This is the only Attack User can utilize while they are inside the Prism. DP: 500. Range of Attack: 5. User may Stop this Technique at any Time. Once per Battle.
    Shōton: Hashō Kōryū - Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon (250 Chakra) Summons a Crystal Dragon to the Aid of the User. This Dragon Appears in a Square Left or Right of the User, or the User may ride the Dragon. Dragon may Move up to 3 Squares each Turn. Dragon may utilize any Crystal Weapon Technique Once per Turn. Dragon has 800/800. User may use Dragon's Life to Reduce the Cost of any Shoton Technique, not including Shishō Tenketsu. Once per Battle.

    Notes: *If user is Jounin, clones can use up to C-ranked Taijutsu.
    ^The Opponent must be in Range of one of the User's Selected Column(s)/Row(s) with their Technique, to break the Labyrinth. Opponent cannot Move pass the Selected Columns/Rows and cannot Escape. Byakugan/Sharingan/Rinnegan Activation in the Labyrinth cost +50 Chakra with a +25 Chakra Upkeep.
    +User may Attack Diagonal without any Penalties.

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