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    Ranmaru Empty Ranmaru

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:45 am

    Ranmaru Ranmaru


    Paralyzed (Attribute) User can not use Taijutsu above D Rank.
    Doujutsu Disturber (Attribute) All Doujutsu users must pay 50 extra chakra per turn to keep their Doujutsu activated.
    Focused Mind (Attribute)User is not affected by Genjutsu that cost 100 chakra or lower. Includes Birthright Genjutsu.
    Enhanced Chakra Clones (XXX chakra + 25) Avoids a jutsu used by your opponent. XXX chakra = the amount paid by your opponent.
    Red Haze (75 chakra) Confuses all enemies for one post. Range 2
    Eye Spirit (150 chakra) 200 damage. Once every four turns. Range 2


    Crushing Eye(175 chakra) All jutsu do 100 less damage to you and one ally for one turn. Twice per battle.
    Red Haunting (200 chakra) Avoid one jutsu from opponent's last post. Does not include Genjutsu. Includes Inevitables. Once per battle.
    Teiryuu: Reversing Eyesight (250 chakra) Reduces one jutsu's damage from an opponent's last post by 100 damage. Jutsu must have done at least 100 damage and must not have been Genjutsu. Deals 100 Inevitable damage to opponent. Once per battle. Range 1


    Psychic Defense (250 chakra) Blocks all blockable jutsu from an opponent's last post for all your allies up to 5 squares away in any direction. Once per battle.
    Seichuu: Mind Confusion (250 chakra; 375 chakra to make Multi-Hit) 300 damage. Confuse enemy for one post. Inevitable. Once per battle. Range 1


    Gyou Kokoro: Shared Sheild (150 chakra) Blocks an Inevitable Genjutsu for you and one ally within two squares in any directions. Twice per battle.
    Disabled Attachment (Passive) Attach to one ally. All Genjutsu cost -25 Chakra while in this attached, but only Genjutsu and Instant Ninjutsu can be used while this is in effect. Additionally, when an ally you are attached to blocks or avoids a skill, it is also blocked and avoided for you. Costs 50 Chakra every 2 turns to keep active. End by stop paying cost. Can only be attached to one ally at a time.

    All Ranmaru skills are considered Genjutsu. All Genjutsu rules apply.

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