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    Iron Sand

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    Iron Sand Empty Iron Sand

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:39 am

    Iron Sand IronSand


    Megunechit Ninpou (75 chakra) You begin exerting your chakra as a magnetic field around you, enabling you to use some Iron Sand techniques. Requires 50 chakra every two turns to keep active. Can't interrupt.
    *Magnetic Attraction (100 chakra) For the next 2 turns, your throwing items gain the text "can't avoid". Can't Interrupt.
    *Magnetic Repulsion (75 chakra) Negates throwing items from opponent's last turn. For +75 chakra per attack, this may Negate a weapon attack from your opponent's last turn. Can't interrupt.


    Iron Sand Manipulation (Attribute) You may have all active Iron Sand take up 1 total mass, which you may move in one space of any direction per turn.
    *Iron Sand Release (50 chakra) Create magnetic masses.Can only create 1 Mass.Mass starts in the same space as user. Must notify where mass is. Lasts the rest of battle, cannot interrupt
    **Iron Sand Rain (150 chakra)Multi-Hit 250 life damage can't interrupt/block with Taijutsu. +75 damage for each additional mass used. If 2 or more masses are used it gains "Breaks shields in its path to the target".Move-Range 3, range increases per additional rank.
    **Kairi Konshin: Puppet Jamming (100 chakra) By using Iron Sand, you fill the joints of a puppet occupying the same space as an Iron Sand Mass, disabling it from moving or attacking for two turns. Can't interrupt.


    Upgrade: May create a second mass using Iron Sand Release, Iron Sand Rain's Range increased to 4.

    Iron Sand Manipulation (Attribute) You may have all active Iron Sand take up to 2 total masses, which you may manipulate and move separately up to two spaces in any direction per turn.
    **Iron Sand Reinforcement (75 chakra,passive) Can't interrupt Taijutsu next turn. gain one of the following effects: +75 life damage; Can't dodge; Can't be blocked by weapons. 3 times per battle. One Mass must occupy same space as user when this skill is activated.
    **Iron Sand Giant Spindle (150 chakra,one Mass of Iron Sand) Creates an Iron Spindle,225 Life. If spindle moves into player-occupied space, deals 150 life damage. can't interrupt,dodge or block by taijutsu. Knocks players back one space in direction of spindle movement. If destroyed, +75 chakra to maintain.
    **Satetsu Kyodai Tettsui: Iron Sand Giant Hammer (200 Mass of Iron Sand) Creates an Iron Prism,300 Life. If prism moves into player-occupied space;deals 200 life damage can't interrupt/block/or dodge. Knocks opponent back as many spaces as prism traveled to the occupied space in direction of prism movement. If destroyed, +100 chakra to maintain.


    Iron Sand Manipulation (Attribute)You may have all active Iron Sand take up to 3 total masses, which you may move seperately up to three spaces in any direction per turn.
    **Satetsu Kyodaiso: Iron Sand Giant Spear (100 chakra) Iron Sand Giant Spindle gains 125 Life. If spindle moves into player-occupied space,Deals 250 life damage can't inerrupt, can't dodge, can't block with taijutsu. Negates any Armor Effects while destroying any shield in its path towards its target. +125 chakra to maintain if destryoed.
    **Satetsu Otome: Iron Sand Maiden (150 chakra,one mass of Iron Sand) 250 life damage, captures opponent. If captured, opponent may be moved as if an iron sand mass. No other attacks affect opponent during capture. Opponent must be in same space as an iron sand mass to perform. Inevitable. Once per battle.
    **Satetsu Kaiho: Iron Sand World Order (300 chakra, 3 Masses of Iron Sand) Masses must occupy one space. 300 life damage. 100 life damage per turn. Opponent is immoblized if caught within range. After the third turn, Iron Sand Masses may appear on any space covered by range. Lasts three turns. Inevitable Technique,once per battle. Range:3,increases to 5 on second turn then 7.

    *Requires Magunechit Ninpou to be active.
    **Requires Iron Sand Release to be active.
    Notes: When an Iron Sand Shape is no longer active, the Iron Sand Mass used in forming it appears in its place, meaning The Sand loses it shape, but can still be used to create other shapes. This Rule excludes Iron Sand World Order.
    Note:You may disable any Iron Sand Shape(s) that you control during your turn Freely.
    Note: Iron Sand Masses are not affected by Genjutsu

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