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    Earth (Doton)

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    Earth (Doton) Empty Earth (Doton)

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:33 pm

    Earth (Doton) Earth-1


    • The Chakra Paper turns to dust, your Chakra Affinity is Earth! You may learn and use Earth Elemental Techniques!
    • While in a Stalemate/Deadlock with a Water Element Jutsu, The Earth Technique will Win. Earth Jutsu will lose to a Lightning Jutsu
    • Opponent's Lighting Attacks deal +100 Life Damage to User's Earth Shields,while Opponent's Water Attacks deal -100 Life Damage.
    • User's Earth Skills deal +100 Life Damage to Opponent's Water Shields,and -100 Life Damage to Opponent's Lightning Shields.
    Requirements: 250 Ryou,500 Experience Points.

    Dirt Armor (100 chakra, passive) Defends against all throwing items while opponent's attacks deal -25 life damage. 50 chakra every turn.Twice per battle.
    Landslide (100 chakra) Interrupts all opponents while pushing the opponents back one space.
    Alloy Blast (200 chakra) User may combine an assortment of metals together to form an explosive attack, as the user masters earth, he or she will gain new metals to use.
    --Iron: 200 life damage,adds the effects: Multi hit Range 1
    --Gold, 100 stamina damage while adding cant be interrupted
    Quake (150 chakra)Multi hit 300 life damage,confuses opponents for 2 turns. cant be Blocked.Multi-Range 2

    Requirements:500 Ryou,750 Experience Points.

    Metallic Armor (150 chakra,passive) Defends against all throwing items while opponent's attacks deal -100 life damage.Cost 100 chakra every turn. Twice Per Battle.
    Great Iron Wall (200 chakra) Shields against all attacks, including Inevitables,for the current Square.Twice per battle.Durability 450.
    Boulder (100 chakra) 200 life damage, +50 Life Damage per every square the skill travels.cant Avoid/Interrupt by Taijutsu. Line-Range:4
    Dust Cloud (150 chakra) The user and allies are Camouflaged for 3 Turns.cannot be interrupted,can only be used twice per battle.
    Mountain (200 chakra)Guards against all Attacks,A mountain is created on the column,the peak is on the Row C. user can now use a special Skills.DP:700
    --Avalanche (50 chakra+###)Multi-hit,100 life damage + 2x### [limit is 100], this technique only affects ALL players below the mountain, Inevitable.can only be used once.

    Requirements:1000 Ryou,1250 Experience Points.

    Upgrade: Dirt Armor may also affect up to 5 Allies,Metallic Armor may affect up to 3.
    Crystal Armor (200 chakra, passive) reduces all other attacks by opponents on the last turn by 300 damage,Reflects all attacks that originally cost 75 chakra or lower while opponent's attacks deal -100 life damage.user must pay 100 chakra every turn. Once per battle.
    Cave (200 chakra) Creates a Cave on the current row,the cave blocks out any level above the ground floor, to escape from or enter into the cave, Player must deal 300 damage to the cave in the selected area,but the cave is only broken in that spot. The cave is unaffected by genjutsu,Collapses after three broken Spots.can Once per battle.
    Earthquake (125+### chakra)Creates an attack that last for 3 turns,starting the next turn.Earthquake uses a skill every turn. Can only be used once every 6 turns,can only be used twice.[limit is 200 chakra]MultiLine-Range 4
    --1st Turn:S Wave- Instant-Multi-Hit This attack deals 2x###,cannot be interrupted or avoided
    --2nd Turn:P Wave- Instant--Multi-Hit,this attack deals 3x###,cannot be interrupted or blocked. confuses all opponents next turn
    --3rd Turn:Aftershock-Instant-Multi hit, deals 4x###,inevitable.
    Hardened Fist (150 chakra,passive)+300 Life Damage+Knock Back:1,5 times per battle,can only be used once a turn.
    Terra Firma (100 chakra) Cancel any effect that moves the user from the current spot,cant be interrupted.
    Fissure (200 chakra)Multi-hit Holds all opponents for 3 turns,cant block/interrupt.can only be used once every 5 turns only affects Targets on the base level or lower.Line-Range:3

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