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    Lightning (Raiton)

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    Lightning (Raiton) Empty Lightning (Raiton)

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:31 pm

    Lightning (Raiton) Lightning-1


    • The Chakra Paper crumbles, your Chakra Affinity is Lighting! You may learn and use Lighting Elemental Techniques!
    • Lighting is strong against Earth,but weak against Wind
    • While in a Stalemate/Deadlock with a Earth Element Jutsu, The Lighting Technique will Win. A Lightning Jutsu will lose to Wind Jutsu in a stalemate.
    • Opponent's Wind Attacks deal +100 Life Damage to User's Lightning Shields,while Opponent's Earth Attacks deal -100 Life Damage.
    • User's Lightning Skills deal +100 Life Damage to Opponent's Earth Shields,and -100 Life Damage to Opponent's Wind Shields.
    Requirements: 250 Ryou,500 Experience Points.

    Electrocution (### Chakra) Holds opponent for 2 turns,while shocking ###+50 life damage,cant Guard/Avoid by taijutsu.Limit 100 Chakra.Range:1
    Flash (100 chakra)Instant,Multi-Hit Blind opponent for 2 posts, can't interrupt.MultiLineRange 2
    Jolt (25 chakra)Instant, Interrupt opponent's skill while dealing 50 life damage.
    Charge (### chakra,passive) Your next lightning elemental skill requires ###+25 less to perform.Once user reaches a total of 150 chakra,this technique cannot be used anymore.

    Requirements:500 Ryou,750 Experience Points.

    Thunder Clap (150 chakra) Multi-hit Confuse opponents for 1 post. Can't Interrupt/Avoid.Multi-Range 3
    Static Field(50 Chakra per 2 turns,passive)Opponent's Taijutsu deal-50 life damage.User's taijutsu gain: +50 lightning elemental damage. Can't interrupt.
    Lightning Bolt (100 chakra+###) 200 life damage, can't Block/ Interrupt. for every 50 chakra,another lightning bolt will be used each dealing 100 life damage.[limit is 150 chakra] Can be split evenly or to the nearest number divisible by 50 life damage per opponent. Line-Range 3
    Supercharge(0 chakra) Gain 200 chakra for Lightning Techniques only. Once per battle, can't interrupt.

    Requirements:1000 Ryou,1250 Experience Points.

    Lightning Storm(150 chakra)Multi-Hit 250 life damage,can't Block /Interrupt. Opponents in the Sky cannot Avoid this.MultiLine-Range:3
    Ball Lightning(200 chakra) This skill, once activated, lasts for the two turns following this. On each of those turns, you may select one of the following effects to happen. All of the effects cannot be blocked or avoided by clones. Once per battle, can't interrupt. Range 3

    • Paralyze Opponent for one turn,
    • Blind Opponent for one turn,
    • Confuse Opponent for one turn, or
    • this Skill deals 500 life damage.
    Lightning Crash(150 chakra) 400 life damage, Inevitable. Must be used in conjunction with a taijutsu while positioned at any area directly over an opponent. If the taijutsu is successful, the user and players in the area struck are moved down one area (two if the taijutsu already forces players down one area). Once per battle. Range 2
    Electrical Surge(100 chakra,passive) You may add any one of the following to each lightning elemental skill used after this is activated.You must pay 50 chakra when activating,maintaining and adding an effect of this skill onto another skill. Once per battle, cannot interrupt, cannot stack on itself.

    • +50 life damage
    • Paralyze opponent for one turn
    • Blind opponent for one turn
    • a Taijutsu in conjunction with this cannot be avoided by clones.
    Light Speed(300 chakra) Avoid all skills from opponent's last turn, including inevitables and genjutsu,The User can also move to any area on the battlefield when using this. Once per battle.

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