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    7: Characterization Elements

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     7: Characterization Elements Empty 7: Characterization Elements

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:44 am

    ::Characterization Elements::

    Well here is the main point of the walkthrough which is to help a fighter last for a longer period of time within a battle. Here is a list of the following that may be taught.

    Energy Conservation

    Energy Conservation can be easily taught by using the surroundings to your advantage. Spotting trees using the direction of the wind can help out a lot and even change the outcome of a battle. Using the area as part of your technique will save a lot of energy and your stamina will not drop swiftly.

    Dust flew up from below Haku's feet as he moved with speed. His flash step blurred his movements. Each step he took left only dust slowly rising up into the air. A chill reached the area as Haku appeared in front of a tree and ice particles began to form around the kunai. Haku swung his Kunai blade towards the ground and sent up countless dirt clumps into the air. He struck another blow against the dirt clumps and they were sent flying towards the tree. The ice whipped out like a vine and struck the dirt clumps, freezing them into sharp ice shards. The ice shards flew at an incredible speed, from within Haku stood and the tree was, the distance was approximately twelve feet.

    Elemental Control and Manipulation

    The ability to control an element and the ability to manipulate an element are actually two different concepts. Controlling an element allows you to wield an element to your own needs. Manipulation of an element is allowing an element to be created and roam freely as if it were its own being. Your body flows with the element, and you're not just using it to protect you or for attacks.[/Tab]

    Example: The ice around the blade danced gracefully, majestically forming around to make a chain. It sparkled in the shining light and willowed to the ground. Beams were attracted to the ice chain as Haku swiftly swung the blade, allowing the ice chain's motion to twirl around him and seem to glitter as it danced.

    Combination Techniques

    Combination techniques may be occasionally very different to use, simply because it is easy to powermod without consent of what you are combining together. Combining techniques can lower energy exponentially, so using basic combinations are requested to be used more often and it will still be effective. But if in a dilemma, combing techniques that involve elements and abilities would be extremely helpful, but requested to only be used when you are really in battle.

    Haku gripped the hilt of his Kunai tightly in his hands. The blade swung down on Naruto's shoulder and Haku had his left leg aiming his knee to Naruto's stomach.

    Two-Post Combination Techniques

    Two-post combination techniques is probably one of the very hardest to successfully obtain control of. It is where you post a technique or an attack and you have a second post to go along with it, but your opponent must first fall for the first post. You must have a very creative mind to use such a powerful force and you must acknowledge what the outcome may be. Obtaining this certain type of strength allows you to gain victory easily.


    "A": Behind his four ice walls, Haku released a total of seven ice dragons heading towards Sasuke. One ice dragon headed towards his chest, a second one to his exposed backside, another at the direction of his left side, another at his right, and quickly one heading above Sasuke along with a second one tagged along right after the one coming in from above.

    User "B": Sasuke formed multiple handsigns and created, within milliseconds, a giant fireball intensely surrounding his entire structure and waited until the dragons had melted.

    User "A":Haku smirked as there were only six Sasuke destroyed and he smiled. The final seventh ice dragon dug up from underground and directly it erupted beneath Sasuke.

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