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    4: Creating the Intro Post.

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    4: Creating the Intro Post. Empty 4: Creating the Intro Post.

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:34 am

    ::Intro Post::

    Step One:T1 Intro Information and Precautions
    1: Organization and character knowledge are the first steps of becoming a good T1er. Not only do you need a good imagination, but a good memory also. As long as you can create an easy, but skillful character you will not have to rely on pre-written posts. The more you practice with writing up an intro and attacks, the better your posts will get. This is the hardest of getting started with a developing character.

    2: Challenge yourself with how you post. Do not over use the "He would", "Would be" and main word "Would". This is a commonly used word, and word combination by beginners that have the mind set on what they want to say, but are limited on the vocabulary to explain it.

    3: Remember the key ingredients in the T1 intro "soup". You have to explain your looks, actions, surroundings, and dialogue. This is giving your opponent the respect of telling them what you are doing to use in your "Attacking posts" so there is no confusion or outside source of power coming unexpectedly. For your safety and honor, informing them of these attributes, you can tell your opponent about your character fully and still be able to defeat them in the end. Creatively and combos will be the breaking points between a win and a loss.

    4: The major rule and idea you should always keep in mind is always using "Common Logic" and "Respect" in your posts. If you know you have been beaten, you are to still try; but know this if there is not enough information telling about what you did or how you did it, your post can be voided and the match will either end, or you will have to re-do the post if asked.

    Step Two:T1 Intro Information and Precautions

    Here is where we throw everything into the melting pot to make our soup smell good. This is when it may get the toughest due to the direction two users have to take in order for the characters to make actions in unison with their surroundings. The easiest starting point many have found from experience is time and surroundings. The hardest part to any post is the beginning. After that, the ideas just flow out from the minds like a waterfall. Also for better organization and presentation for the paragraphs, it is advised to keep it between 5 to 6 sentences per paragraph.We support the paragraph length turns but that is strictly up to the players.

    Posting Your Intro First:

    When posting first, this gives you the opportunity to create the area in which you and your opponent are to fight in. This can be your ally in the long run. Thinking about a place where you and your foe fight can be, for example, a meadow or a sandy beach. If your character has a special ability that nature can help you with, you can form the arena however you want to give yourself a slight advantage.

    Try to blend together your looks and your surroundings at the same time.
    Taking long strides down an unpaved path, the dirt particle from the dust being kicked up with each step, settles in the tightly woven fibers making up Ski's black, jean pants.

    Posting Your Intro Second:

    Here is when you get to use your opponent's ideas to help you get started. They will already have created the arena/surrounding as you both will be fighting in, but this gives you the ability of better explaining what your character sees in that place. Dive deep into your mind to place yourself in that zone to go along with your enemy's imagination, while still adding more to the area.

    Think of this as your ladder. The beginning steps up the ladder have been made; all you have to do is now continue creating the beautiful meal that you will dish out in the form of your sentences. You will still have to explain your powers, weapons, traits, looks, and actions, the only thing that is given to you is the knowledge of your foes characteristics and the beginning point that will get you started in your intro soup.
    Explaining your powers as you are explaining your surroundings may be a difficult task so the more you practice and insight you have about your characters abilities and traits will help you explain them in the future. And always remember Absolutely No Pre-Written Intro's.

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