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    2: Roleplay Terms

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     2: Roleplay Terms Empty 2: Roleplay Terms

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:31 am

    :::Roleplaying Terms-[RP2]:::

    Okay ladies and gentle men now that we have gone through the "Basics" of Roleplaying. We will go into something else. We will be going into the "Terms" of Roleplaying. The Roleplaying Terms is what is seen all over the place dealing with almost any type of Roleplay there is whether it may be Internet, Tabletop, or anything else within the form of Roleplaying. These terms are known throughout, and are very common. You may find a few terms here and there that are not found all over and just this site, but hey don't worry. Remember this is a guide, so try to enjoy.

     2: Roleplay Terms Ic
    IC~Also known as In Character is a term used widely without spelling out the wording In Character. In Character is the action of which someone acts within their Character. This means in a simpler term that they make their character move within the Character Realm.
    [Tab]Minato moves through the forest as the night cool breeze gently brushed by emitting the sweet scent of near by Violet flower petals that bloomed just before the night sky came by.

    Within there. The Character Minato was moving through the forest. This is an In Character Action.

     2: Roleplay Terms OOC
    OOC~Also known as Out of Character is a term used widely without spelling out the wording Out of Character. Out of Character is the action that does not deal with anything In Character. This is a statement where a person may talk to another user without their character interacting. This is usually used during a chat form, discussion form that does not deal with the actual RP.


    Minato moves through the forest as the night cool breeze gently brushed by emitting the sweet scent of near by Violet flower petals that bloomed just before the night sky came by.

    Within there. The Actual user controlling Minato is stating something out of character by first placing in OOC and stating that they are there to enjoy a Roleplay. This is an Out of Character Action

     2: Roleplay Terms IIC
    IIC~A new term called Inactive In Character. This will be discussed better later on but Inactive In character is used to keep a thread alive. It is used so that when a person is unable to post within an amount of time that is state at the beginning of the thread, that person is capable of being skipped to allow other people to post ahead

    Minato was in a thread that had an IIC for Two days. He had two days from the Last post to post something but was not able. So Minato decided to skip the turn after the Two Days had expired.

     2: Roleplay Terms GM
    GM~ GM is known as Game Master. A GM are those who create interactive Roleplays. They put the other players before themselves. They create situations where other players may interact by creating a common problem. The player who guides the other players through adventures, describes the game world and plays all of the NPCs. GMs are used to create events for the site to better create story indepth and character interaction.

     2: Roleplay Terms NPC-1
    NPC Non-Player Character~ In general, any character (human or otherwise) in a role-playing game that is not controlled by someone playing the game.
    In a tabletop RPG, the game master or equivalent (the person running the game) will generally act/speak the parts of all NPCs. These NPCs can range anywhere from an innkeeper the players talk to in order to rent a room to the mysterious woman who follows your party along for her own unknown reasons only to backstab you right when you were starting to trust her. It's up to the GM.

     2: Roleplay Terms Firewall
    Firewalling~ A Term hardly ever used, whether it is used in character, or out of character. This is a term that not to many people know, and actually practice. It is when a user is seperating a character's knowledge from the poster's knowledge. This should be practiced a lot more, but since every character, or every person who Roleplays wishes to be god, and have nothing happen to them, they don't practice this at all. Hence why it is rare. Every person has a character that can tell everything, what is going to happen to them, what will happen to them, what they can do, they can always defeat, and etc. This term is so rare, it is a godsend to actually see it being played. Every person wishes to magically know when something is going to happen, and that type of thing is frowned upon. So remember what Firewalling is and practice it, because you will be respected as a RPer, as well as a person.[/SIZE]
    Minato user knows that his character, Minato, is going to be attacked from behind, but because he is firewalling, Minato does not know he is going to be attacked from behind.

     2: Roleplay Terms Godmod
    Godmodding~ Mispelling of Godmoding & God Modding in rpg and forum settings, thus the meaning is the same. The term applies to "Godly-modification"; or "Godlike-modification" to a character, through skills such as evasion and the like, as well as the character's personality which usually consists of a superior "I know all, see all, and am all", et cetera. The singlemost annoying and obnoxious gamers on the planet. Tend to act like 7 year olds when they don't get their way during games of pretend, i.e. - Bang, you're dead! Yeah huh, I killed you and you can't play anymore! Those who believe they are gods never taking a hit. This is the most defiled form of Roleplaying. Don't do it.

     2: Roleplay Terms Metaknight
    Metagaming~The act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within a gaming universe for personal gain or advantage. This is widely used when a person takes something in context that is known as Out of Character and putting it In Character. This type of thing is a result of knowing that someone is going to attack you, or steal from you, and your character automatically knows it or finds out without there being in character interaction first. This is another form of Roleplaying that is greatly frowned upon. Don't do it.

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