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    #3 How to Fight

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    #3 How to Fight Empty #3 How to Fight

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:29 am

    The Beginner's Fight
    Format of the Player's Turn


    These are skills that are automatically active at the beginning of the battle. There is no limit to how many Attributes you have. Attributes will not cost the player any energy. Armor Effects and Sword Bonuses for Weapon Styles are primary examples.

    Passive Abilities
    Passive Techniques are abilities that require Health or Energy to activate. Traits are considered Passive Abilities. The Max is 5 Passive Abilities;however, the player can use up to 3 Traits or Passives per turn.

    Jutsu/Skill Slots
    These are Techniques that the player can attack an opponent,defend against incoming Attacks,Heal him/herself or an ally, or Activating an Energy Amplifier.
    The amount of Jutsu a player can use depends on their rank.

    Maneuvers allow the Shinobi to either get closer or farther. Players are allowed to use up to 2 maneuvers each turn. One Manuever must be horizontal while the other must be vertical.

    Current Life/Chakra/Stamina/Maneuver Points/Chakra Maneuver Points/Current Position
    If You do not post your Current Life/Energy/MP/CMP/Current Position. Your entire turn is counted as invalid. Be sure to do the math,but don't worry, you can use the site's calculator by typing.
     [Cal]Original Number-Number Used this turn [/Cal]

    an Example

    Starting at
    Position: G7

    Extra Arms (Attribute) User will learn how to control their extra four arms as they grow stronger. All Guard Taijutsu may block one extra attack for an additional 50 stamina.

    Air Pressure: 100% (50 chakra, passive) All wind/air based skills gain +50 life damage and also gain the text "Can't block" for the rest of the battle. Can't interrupt. Disables the effect of Supersonic Waves 100%.Cannot make techniques inevitable. Twice per battle.

    Punch (25 Stamina) 50 Life Damage.
    Punch (25 Stamina) 50 Life Damage.

    Run (2 MP) User moves either to the right or left by two spaces.
    To the Right, At G7
    Jump (1 MP) User moves up one spot for only one turn.
    Up,at F7

    Position: #3 How to Fight F7

    List of Terms:
    Naruto Related
    Ninjutsu: Techniques that use chakra and, most of the time, hand seals to be effective.The hands are put in sequential positions that molds and manipulates chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu
    Genjutsu: Genjutsu will use hypnotism to cause hallucinations in others. By causing such illusions they can cause their target mental pain and suffering just as real as physical pain.
    Taijutsu: Techniques are the body and hand to hand skills of the ninja. Taijutsu techniques do not require hand seals.
    Summon: A powerful Technique that can summon animals, objects and the dead to fight for the player.The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species.
    Birthright: Abilities passed down from parent to child. These genetic inheritances grant the ninja unique abilities and physical traits not found anywhere else in the world.
    Energy Amplifier: Special Abilities that will grant the Fighter more power,sometimes the Amplifier will even change the physical appearance of the fighter.

    Game Related
    Maneuverability Points
    Chakra Maneuverability Points

    Three Principle Effects- The 3 Effects that will determine how you can defend against the Attack: Avoid,Block,Cancel
    -Dodge: Cannot Dodge Multi-Hits. If an attack can be dodged,the player can avoid the technique by moving from that circle,if available.
    -Interrupt: Cancel/Interruption Jutsus stop the opponents from casting an attack from the last most, meaning the Skill does not occur. Cannot Cancel/Interrupt Defensive Techniques. However, Damage/Offensive Effects on defensive skills can be
    Cancel: If user Cancels a Technique, the Caster will not receive any chakra back.
    Inevitable: Cannot be Defended using regular Defensive abilities. Must use Techniques that have "Defend against Inevitables" in the text.
    -Obliteration: Cannot Defend against with almost any defensive ability even by using Inevitable-Defenders.
    Defending Against Genjutsu:

    Multi-Range: The Technique will now be able to target up to the given number of Squares.
    Line-Range: The Technique will now affect all squares ,in a linear fashion, from the User to the Targeted area.
    Multi-Hit: The Skill will target all Enemies or Allies (User may decide) on the selected Square.
    Hold/Capture: A effect that will stop the target from moving and fighting. The Target can only use Passive Abilities while held.The Hold/Capture effect can go by many names such as Hold,Capture,Stop,Freeze,or Paralyze.
    Fracture: Prevents the target from using Handsigns or Taijutsu. The Effect will label what the player is disabled
    Immobilize: The target cannot move from the current square for the duration of the effect.
    Confuse: The Target's Multi-Hits/Range will affect all available Players. Non Multi-Hit/Range Techniques will be aimed at the previous player.
    Blind: The Affected Player's Attack's avoid effect will be Downgraded by one. Meaning, Cant Avoid--> Cant Dodge. Cant Dodge--> Can Avoid/Dodge.Can Avoid/Dodge--->Automatically Avoided.
    Slow: The player will not receive the interruption bonus after being interrupted and Player's movement techniques will cost x2 Maneuverability Points.
    Poison: The Poison effect will deal the listed amount of damage per turn for its duration. Players can disable poisons using items and special skills. Poison carries many names such as:Burn,Shock, and Choke.

    Debilitating Techniques: The max number that all debilitating effects can deal on a player is 300. any remaining numbers will be discarded.
    Example: Berserk 75, Enfeeble 125, Impair 200.
    75+125+200=400-100 (since Impair was used last)= 300
    Enfeeble: The player's shields will lose Durability points from the given amount.
    Impair: Weakens the player's attack's Damage by the given amount.
    Berserk: While Berserk,the player's attack will gain the labeled amount of damage while the player will take the same amount of Life Damage if hit.

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