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    #2 The Battle Map

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    #2 The Battle Map Empty #2 The Battle Map

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:28 am

    The Battlemap
    #2 The Battle Map Finalmap

    • The entire Battle system is built upon the map.
    • In order to look at the map, The player can type in
    -Maneuvers can only be used after the player has either successfully defended or been hit from all Offensive Techniques aimed at him/her.
    -Players can only use one horizontal maneuver (such as Run/Walk) and one vertical maneuver (such as Jump) per turn.
    -After Jumping, The Player must land on some surface or the Free-Fall Sequence will begin. Free-Fall does not cost any MP.
    -Free-Fall is when the player falls straight down one additional square per turn until the player lands on a surface.
    -Players can learn other maneuvers that will allow them to fall in different directions.
    -Chakra Manuevers amplify manuevers or allow the player to travel on special surfaces such as Trees or Water.
    -Maneuvers require Maneuver Points (MP) and Chakra Maneuver Points require Chakra Maneuver Points (CMP).
    -To restore your MP or CMP,the Shinobi just needs to pay 25 Stamina (MP)/Chakra (CMP).

    -The Range information is at the end of each technique.
    -The Range Number is the amount of squares the Skill can target from the player's location.
    -If the User wishes to aim the technique at a target diagonal to the User, The Range will be decreased by 1,however the Range can never be less than 1.
    -If the target is in the same square as the user, the user cannot use Ranged Ninjutsu/Genjutsu unless they have the effect "Instant".

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