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    Leggings Empty Leggings

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:23 am


    Price:500 Ryou
    Pants Owner gains 50 life to stats

    Leggings StrawPants

    Price:900 Ryou
    Straw Pants Owner gains 150 Life,75 Stamina/Chakra
    1: +1 MP
    2: Poison Duration are decreased by one, once every three turns.


    Leggings Hakame

    Price:1200 Ryou
    Hakama Owner gains 100 stamina/chakra/life to stats
    1. +2 MPs
    2. Automatically Dodge against one Technique every 4 turns
    3. Taijutsu cost -25 Stamina

    Leggings Breeches

    Price:1560 Ryou
    Breeches Owner gains 100 Chakra/Stamina/Life to stats
    1:+5 MP
    2:Reduces Slow/Immoblize Effects by 1 Turn,once every 5 turns.

    Special Jounin

    Leggings Jinebipants-1

    Price:2250 Ryou
    Jinbei Pants Owner gains 150 stamina and 75 chakra/life to stats
    1. +2 MPs
    2. One Taijutsu deal +50 damage. Once every other turn.
    3. Taijutsu cost -25 Stamina

    Leggings CargoPants

    Price:2025 Ryou
    Cargo Pants Owner gains 150 Life/100 stamina/50 Chakra to stats
    1: 10 Inventory Slots
    2: -1 MP

    Leggings Skintight

    Price:2000 Ryou
    Skin Tight Owner gains 150 Chakra/Stamina to stats
    1:+3 MP
    2:Dodging Techniques Cost -25 Chakra or Stamina
    3: One maneuver may move an additional square this turn.


    Leggings Zubon

    Price:3200 Ryou
    Zubon Owner gains 200 chakra and 100 stamina to stats
    1. +1 MP
    2. Camouflage Techniques last an additional turn,once per battle.
    3. Opponent's Tracking Effect are decreased by Range:1

    Leggings Haidate

    Price:3050 Ryou
    Haidate Owner gains 250 life and 50 stamina to stats
    1. One maneuver may move an additional square this turn.
    2. -2 MPs
    3. Weapons deal -25 Life Damage to User.

    Leggings FurPants

    Price:3300 Ryou
    Fur Pants [i]Owner gains 300 Life to stats
    1: Ninjutsu Deal -50 Life Damage to User.
    2: Throwing Items deal -25 Life Damage to User
    3: -6 MP

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