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    Chest Empty Chest

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:16 am


    Price:600 Ryou
    Armor Owner gains 200 Health to Stats.

    Chest MusashiJacket

    Price: 1000 Ryou
    Musashi Armor Owner gains 100 Health/25 Stamina/75 Chakra

    Chest Halfarmor-1

    Price: 1250 Ryou
    Half Armor Owner gains 100 Health, 50 Chakra, 50 Stamina to their Stats
    1:may Store Side Arm/Sword to this armor Slot.

    Chest Kendojacket

    Price: 1500 Ryou
    Kendo Jacket Owner gains 100 Health/25 Stamina/75 Chakra
    1:2 Inventory Slots.

    Chest WhiteGi

    Price:1700 Ryou
    Gi Owner gains 100 Health/100 Stamina
    1:-25 Stamina to One Taijutsu Technique,Once every 4 turns

    Chest Gilet

    Price:1450 Ryou
    Gilet Owner gains 50 Health/100 Stamina/50 Chakra
    1:Dodge Technique may defend against another Skill,once every 5 turns.

    Chest Haiten

    Price:1600 Ryou
    Hanten Owner gains 100 Health/100 Chakra to stats. Can be Worn as an accessory for +25 Health instead.
    1:User is unaffected by a weather condition,once every 5 turns.


    Chest Sokutai

    Price: 2000 Ryou
    Sokutai Owner gains 100 Health/150 Chakra to stats
    1:User keeps 250 Ryou after being defeated in Battle.

    Chest Uwagi

    Price: 2450 Ryou
    Uwagi Owner gains 50 Health/Stamina and 150 Chakra to its stats
    1:One Attack used on the First Turn gains:Cant be Dodged.

    Chest Shortovercoat-1

    Price:2250 Ryou
    Short Overcoat Owner gains 100 life/75 Stamina/75 chakra to stats
    1:May Store a side-arm or 2 Scrolls.

    Chest Kimono-1

    Price:2600 Ryou
    Kimono Owner gains 100 Health/Stamina and 150 Chakra added to stats..
    1:User may automatically avoid a genjutsu costing 50 Chakra or lower,once every 4 turns.

    Chest Yukata

    Price:2900 Ryou
    Yukata Owner gains 100 Health/75 Stamina and 75 Chakra added to stats.
    1:Dodging Skills take -25 Chakra for 2 Turns. Once per Battle.

    Chest Haori

    Price: 2700 Ryou
    Haori Owner gains 100 stamina and 150 chakra to their stats. Can be Worn as an Accessory for +25 Stamina instead.
    1:Running or Sprinting may move an additional square this turn,once every 3 turns

    Chest 1161032194

    Price:2000 Ryou
    Aketon Owner gains 100 Health and 150 Chakra to their stats.
    1:Reduces Life Damage from Opponent's Technique by 75 Life Damage,once every 3 turns.

    Chest Hoodedjacket-1

    Price:2200 Ryou
    Hooded Jacket [i]Owner gains 250 life to stats

    1:User is unaffected by a weather condition,once every 5 turns.

    Chest Happi

    Price: 2950 Ryou
    Happi Owner gains 200 Chakra/25 Health and 25 stamina to stats.
    1:Poison/Bleed/Choke/etc Effects will be reduced by 25 Life/Stamina Damage,twice per battle.

    Special Jounin

    Chest Rockwallarmor-2

    Price: 3000 Ryou
    Rockwall Armor Owner gains 150 Heath/50 Stamina,100Chakra to their stats
    1:Reduces Knock Effects by 1.
    2:Reduces Damage by 100,once every 3 turns.

    Chest Lorica

    Price: 3500 Ryou
    Lorica Owner gains 200 Heath/50 Stamina,50Chakra to their stats
    1:Reduces Bleed Effect by 25.
    2:Weapons/Throwing Items deal -25 Life Damage.

    Chest Jinbei

    Price: 2250 Ryou
    Jinbei Shirt Owner gains 150 Stamina and 75 Chakra/Health to their stats
    1:User takes -25 Life Damage from Ninjutsu,once every 3 turns.
    2:User may Dodge one Technique from the Opponent's Last turn,once every 3 turns.

    Chest Jerkin

    Price:2850 Ryou
    Jerkin Owner gains 150 Stamina/Health to their stats
    1:Reduces Berserk Duration by 1,once every 3 turns.
    2:Reduces Poison Damage by 50,three times per battle.

    Chest Taikohappi-1

    Price: 3100 Ryou
    Taiko Happi Coat Owner gains 50 Life,125 Stamina/Chakra to their Stats.
    1:Birthright Skills cannot be Dodged. Lasts 1 Turn. Once per Battle.
    2:User's Berserk Skills can do +75 Damage or User's Katon Skills can knock Opponent back 1 Square. Either effect lasts 1 Turn. First Effect is Twice per Battle, Second Effect is Once.

    Chest Ar80806m50copy-1

    Price: 3400 Ryou
    Breastplate Owner gains 100 Life/200 Stamina to their Stats
    1:Reduces Knock Back/Up by 1,once every 3 turns.
    2:-25 Life Damage from one technique,three times per battle.

    Chest Ballisticarmor

    Price: 3300 Ryou
    Ballistic Armor 100 Health, 50 Stamina, 150 Chakra to their Stats
    1:Multi-Hit Techniques will be automatically Shielded from, Once every 4 turns.
    2: Reduces Explosive Damage/Tags by 100 Life Damage,once every 2 turns.

    Chest 2006_Icon_Field_Armor_Vest_Black-1

    Price: 3700 Ryou
    Shockproof Armor 150 Stamina,75 Life/Chakra added to User's Stats
    1:Reduces Knock Effects by 1,once every 2 turns.
    2: Automatically Shields/Guards against a Technique dealing 125 Life Damage or lower, Three times per battle.

    Chest Scale_armor-1

    Price: 3550 Ryou
    Reptile Scaled Armor Owner gains 150 Stamina/Chakra to their stats
    1:Reduces Impair Duration by 1,once every 3 turns.
    2:User's Defensive Taijutsu poisons 25 Life Damage for 2 turns,once every 5 turns.

    Chest Scale

    Price: 3800 Ryou
    Scaled Armor Owner gains 200 Heath,50 Stamina/Chakra to their stats
    1:Weapons deal -50 Life Damage to the User,once every 3 turns.
    2:User's Defensive Taijutsu deals 50 Life Damage,once every 4 turns.

    Chest Domaru2

    Price: 3000 Ryou
    Domaru Owner gains 100 Heath,100 Stamina/Chakra to their stats
    1:Weapons deal +75 Life Damage,once every 3 turns.
    2:Bushido will last an additional turn,twice per battle.


    Chest Aguardsdoublet

    Price: 4000 Ryou
    Doublet Owner gains 150 Life and 250 Chakra to stats
    1:Selected Technique cost -25 Chakra,Four Times per battle.
    2:User's Allies do +50 Health or Stamina Damage or Opponent's Allies deal -50 Health or Stamina Damage to the User. Lasts 2 Turns. Twice per Battle.
    3:Taijutsu or Sword Techniques deal an Extra +75 Damage for 3 Turns. Twice per Battle.

    Chest Crystal-Armor_250-1

    Price: 3800 Ryou
    Crystal Armor Owner gains 250 Life and 150 Chakra to stats
    1:Disable a Genjutsu costing 75 Chakra or lower,Twice per battle.
    2:Reduces Taijutsu damage by 100 Life Damage,once every 3 turns.
    3:Sword Techniques are reduced by 150 Stamina or Life Damage against a Crystal Armor User.

    Chest ChestArmor_01-1

    Price:4300 Ryou
    Shadow Armor Owner gains 150 Life and 250 Chakra to stats
    1:Blind Duration is reduced by one Turn,once every 3 turns.
    2:User may sacrifice 50 Life to deal an additional 100 life damage to a technique,can only be used once every 3 techniques.
    3:User can Negate a Life Draining or Absorbing Technique. Once per Battle.

    Chest Armor-3

    Price: 4800 Ryou
    Forest Armor Owner gains 200 Stamina, 100 Chakra/Health to their stats
    1:While in a Tree Area, User's MP and CMP cost -1. Cannot go below 1 MP or CMP.
    2:While in a Tree Area, Taijutsu deals +50 Stamina or Health Damage and Camouflage Skills last +1 Turn.
    3:While in a Tree Area, Defensive Skills cost -50 Chakra or Stamina.

    Chest Armor-4

    Price: 4500 Ryou
    Spiked Leather Armor Owner gains 200 Heath,100 Stamina/Chakra to their stats
    1:Defensive Taijutsu Gain:Bleed 25 Life for 2 turns,once every 4 turns.
    2:May reduce a Ninjutsu/Taijutsu Hold by 1 turn,once per battle.
    3:Offensive Taijutsu Gain:Bleed 50 Life for 2 Turns, once every 4 Turns.

    Chest Armor-winter-scale-1

    Price: 4800 Ryou
    Furred Leather Owner gains 125 Life/Stamina,150 Chakra to their stats
    1:User is unaffected by a weather condition,once every 5 turns.
    2:May Reduce a Ninjutsu Technique by 100 Life Damage,three times per battle.
    3:User's Camouflage Skills last +1 Turn on Ground Level. Twice per Battle.

    Chest Armor-studded-leather-1

    Price: 5000 Ryou
    Studded Armor Owner gains 200 Health/Stamina to their stats
    1: Reduces Enfeeble Technique by 75,once every 5 turns.
    2:Increases Taijutsu Life Damage by 25,once every 3 turns.
    3:Reduces Taijutsu Damage by -100 for the whole Battle.

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