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    German Fencing

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    German Fencing Empty German Fencing

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:53 am

    German Fencing

    The German school of fencing (Deutsche Fechtschule) is the historical system of combat taught in the Holy Roman Empire in the Late Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern periods (14th to 17th centuries), as described in the Fechtbücher ("fencing books") written at the time. During the period in which it was taught, it was known as the Kunst des Fechtens, or the "Art of Fencing". It notably comprises the techniques of the two-handed longsword (Langschwert), but also describes many other types of combat.

    Requirements: Swordsman, 1500 Ryo, 200 Experience Points, Level 15

    Oberhau - Over Hew (75 Stamina) 125 Life Damage. Can't Dodge/Interrupt. When used while Jumping, this deals +25 Life Damage. Range: 0.
    Mittelhau - Middle Hew (50 Stamina) 75 Life Damage. Can't Shield/Dodge. Range: 0.
    Ochs - Ox (50 Stamina) Shield against one attack. When a Sword Technique is used with this, it will deal +50 Life or Stamina Damage. DP: 100.
    Vom Tag - From-Roof (100 Stamina) Guard a Technique. If that Technique was performed while the Opponent was Jumping, this Skill costs -25 Stamina.
    Zornhau - Wrath-Hew (225 Stamina) 350 Life Damage. Can't Avoid/Block/Interrupt. Range: 0. Can only be performed after Vom Tag. Once per Battle. After this has been used, User is in a "Wechsel Guard", meaning one Skill the Turn after Zornhau is used may be Defended automatically, provided that the User does not use an Attacking Skill Next Turn.
    Langort - Long Point (50 Stamina per Turn, Passive) Opponent may not come within 0 Range of the User, if they do, the Opponent must Respond to 175 Life Damage that is Can't Avoid/Interrupt, every Turn this is Active. Damage is Unmodifiable and the User may not use this skill in a way to Approach the Opponent and cause Damage. Once per Battle.
    Alber Guard - Fool's Guard (75 Stamina per Turn, Passive) Opponent must come into 0 Range of the User, if they do not, the Opponent will need to pay +50 Life/Chakra/Stamina for 2 of their Skills. Opponent's Attacks deal +50 Life or Stamina Damage during this Time. Lasts 5 Turns. Cannot use this during Langort. Once per Battle.
    Durchwechseln - Changing-Through (XXX Stamina) Escape a Taijutsu Hold/Stop/Capture while dealing 75 Life Damage. XXX= Cost of the Holding/Capturing/Stopping Technique. Once per Battle.

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