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    Wing Tsun

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    Wing Tsun Empty Wing Tsun

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:25 am

    Wing Tsun

    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Centerline(100 Stamina, Passive)All Targets Taijutsu are Downgraded while all Your Taijutsu deal +75 Life Damage.Last For 5 Turns or until User cannot use Taijutsu.Twice per Battle.Can only be Activated after a successful Taijutsu.
    *Lat Sao:Rolling Hands (25 Stamina,passive) After a opponent Defends against Taijutsu during Centerline, the Techniques used this turn deal +25 Life Damage
    *Chi Sao:Sticking Hands (50 Stamina per turn,passive) User Follows one opponent if they move away from the square,This technique will dodge all Taijutsu.
    Man Sau and Wu Sau: Searching and Guarding Hands (200 Stamina)Shields against Taijutsu,User cannot move while shielding. Can only be used on an opponent that was damaged by Wing Tsun.DP:100.Sensor Range:1
    Lap Sau:Grabbing Hand (75 Stamina) Interrupts a Technique while dealing 100 Life damage and confusing the opponent for one turn. Can Disarm Weapons if interrupting weappons. Range 0.
    Pak Sau:Slapping Hand (100 Stamina) 200 Life damage, impairs by 50 for two turns,cant be guarded or avoided.
    *Tan Sau:Palm up Block (125 Stamina) Reduces a successfully hit Taijutsu attack from the opponent by 100 and deals 150 Life damage back, cant be interrupted or blocked.
    *Jut Sau: Angry Hand (150 Stamina)50 life damage, Interrupts a technique while Blinding the opponent for three turns.cant be interrupted or avoided.
    *Gan Sau:Splitting Hand (200 Stamina) 150 Lfie damage. Guards a Taijutsu,including inevitable while knocking the opponent back two squares. can only block an inevitable once.
    *Bong Sau: Wing Hand (250 Stamina) 200 Life/Stamina Damage, enfeebles/impairs 50 for 2 turns. inevitable,once per battle.

    *=Requires Centerline to be have been activated.

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