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    Shotokan Empty Shotokan

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:23 am


    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Killing Blow (200 Stamina,Passive) Adds 200 Life Damage and the effect:Cannot Self-Revive To one Taijutsu for this turn, Once Per Battle
    Scissor Strike (100 Stamina) 200 Life Damage,Impairs by 50 for two turns. Can't Interrupt or Guard.Range:0
    Dropping Palm Guard (100 Stamina) Guards Against Two Techniques, Stuns opponent for one turn.Range:0
    Double Punch (100 Stamina) 100 Life Damage, Cannot be Dodged or Guarded, Must Defend against twice. If interrupted, the second attack is interrupted as well. Range:0
    Rising Reverse Punch (125 Stamina) 250 Life Damage, Confuses opponent for one turn,if used after Defending against a Taijutsu, Effect last two turns. cant be Avoided or Interrupted. Range:0
    Double-Jump Kick(150 Stamina) 150 Life Damage, Cant Dodge /Guard Must Defend against twice. If interrupted, the second attack is interrupted as well.Move-Range:1
    Crescent Kick Guard (150 Stamina) 150 Life Damage,cant Avoid. Interrupts all Taijutsu from one Opponent's Turn. After Two uses, It Interrupts Two Taijutsu.Range:0
    Mountain Punch (200 Stamina) 400 Life Damage, Knockback:2. cant Block/Interrupt.LineMove-Range:1
    Reverse Roundhouse Kick (300 Stamina) 400 Life Damage,Confuses Enemy for One Turn. Negate Opponent's Offensive Techniques, including Can't Interrupt and Inevitables. Once per Battle.Range:0

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