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    Liuhebafa Empty Liuhebafa

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:21 am


    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Level 15

    Six Harmonies (25 Stamina,passive) All Taijutsu cost -25 Stamina for the next Six Turns.Enables Liuhebafa Techniques for the rest of the battle.Once per Battle. Cannot be Used with Eight Methods.
    Eight Methods(25 Stamina,passive) All Taijutsu deal +50 Life Damage for the next Six Turns.Liuhebafa Techniques for the rest of the battle.Once per Battle. Cannot be used with Six Harmonies.
    Fierce Tiger (75 Stamina) 125 Life Damage, Cant be Interrupted.Ends any Berserk effect on the User, That effect occurs twice. Move-Range:1
    Endless River Fish(100 Stamina) A Taijutsu used this turn that Cost 75 Base Stamina/Chakra or less may be reused on the next turn without taking up a skill slot. Must Use All Taijutsu this turn and next turn,Twice per battle.

    Level 20

    Cloudy Moon (125 Stamina) 100 Life Damage, Confuses and Blinds for Two Turns. Cant be Guarded/Dodged.
    Lute Shield (100 Stamina) Guards up to Three incoming Taijutsu,Blind Effects do not affect the user on this turn.
    Coiled Dragon Swimming (175 Stamina) Avoids all Techniques aimed at the User,Including Genjutsu. Once Per Battle.
    Coiled Dragon Fist (225 Stamina) 350 Life Damage;Knocks opponent up one Square,Cant be Blocked/Avoided.Move-Range:1
    12 Spirit Fist (300 Stamina) 500 Life Damage, Berserks/Slow for 2 Turns.Inevitable,once per battle.Move-Range:2

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