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    Kendo Empty Kendo

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:20 am


    Requirements: Swordsman, 1500 Ryo, 250 Experience Points, Level 15

    Japanese art of sword combat. This is a variant of Kenjutsu, designed primarily of sports and competition. Like Karate, there are many schools of Kendo. Though not as popular as unarmed styles, Kendo is gradually gaining following in many parts of the world.

    Men-Uchi,Strike To The Head (50 Stamina) 125 Life Damage, Confuse the opponent for 1 Turn. Can't Guard. Range:0
    Kote-Uchi, Strike To The Wrist (75 Stamina) 75 Life Damage, Disarms the Opponent or Interrupts a Ninjutsu. can't Interrupt. Move-Range:1
    Do-uchi,Strike To The Side Of The Body (100 Stamina) 175 Life Damage, Fracture's Opponent for 2 Turns. Can't Guard/Interrupt: Range:0
    Tsuki, Strike To The Throat (150 Stamina) 225 Life Damage, Bleed 75 for 3 Turns. Can't Guard/Interrupt. Range:0
    Nuki-Waza, Counter (50 Stamina) 75 Life Damage, Interrupt a Weapon/Taijutsu Skill Last turn. Opponent can't use there Weapon for 1 turn. Can't guard. Range:0
    Uchi-Otoshi-Waza, Hit Down (150 Stamina) 200 Life Damage, Slow opponent for 1 turn. Can't Guard/Interrupt. Range:0
    Debana-Waza, Sensed Strike (125 Stamina) 350 Life Damage, Can only be used when user is Blinded, Blinded rules don't apply to this Skill. Can't Avoid/Guard/Interrupt. Twice Per Battle. Range:0
    Basic Kamae, Guard Stance (100 Stamina, Passive) All Denfesive skills defend against 1 more skill, but all Offensive skills deal -50 Damage. Last for 3 Turns. Range:Self
    Maki-Waza, Sword Spin (175 Stamina) 300 Life Damage, Interrupt all Incoming Skills including Inevitables. Inevitable. Once Per Battle. Range:0
    Renzoku-Waza, Multiple Strikes (225 + ### Stamina) Deal 250 Life Damage, for every 50 Extra Stamina added Deal another +100 Life Damage. Can't Guard/Avoid/Interrupt. Max:200 Stamina. Twice Per Battle. Range:0

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