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    Jeet Kune Do

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    Jeet Kune Do Empty Jeet Kune Do

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:19 am

    Jeet Kune Do

    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Level 15

    Bai Jong Stance(25 Stamina per Turn, passive) All Interruption Taijutsu cost -25 Stamina,Enables Jeet Kune Do Techniques.Can deactivate if User's Taijutsu is interrupted.Once every 3 Turns.
    *Parry and Attack(Attribute) After Interrupting/Cancelling a Opponent from casting a Technique,The Opponent will receive 25 Life Damage.cannot be modified
    *Stop Kick (### Stamina)### Life Damage,Interrupts/Guards the Opponent from using a Taijutsu.
    *Hand Immobilization(75 Stamina) Disable the Opponent from Using Offensive Taijutsu for Two Turns,cant be Blocked/Dodged.Range:0
    *Foot Immobilization (125 Stamina) Disables the Opponent from Moving for Two Turns,cant be Interrupted/Guarded.Range:0

    Level 20

    *Progressive Indirect Attack (50 Stamina,passive) Requires 2 Taijutsu to be used this turn. The First Taijutsu may drop one effect,the Effect is added to the second technique,cannot become Inevitable.
    *Combination Attack (150 Stamina,passive) Can use up to 5 Skills per turn. The Extra skills must E Rank Taijutsu Skills that Cost 50 Stamina/Chakra or under this turn. The amount of Skills decreases by 1 per turn until Standard Skill Max. These Skills cannot be used in conjunction with your Original Rank Moves. Once per battle.
    *Attack By Drawing (100 Stamina) The way the Opponent Defends against the Taijutsu used this turn cannot be used to defend against the User's Next Turn Taijutsu.Unless they pay +100 Energy to defend.Twice per battle.
    *Bil Jee (175 Stamina) 200 Life Damage,Blinds for 2 turns,cant be Avoided. Cant be Interrupted/+1 Blind Turn if used after Stop Kick.
    *One Inch Punch (200 Stamina) 300 Life Damage,Knock Back:5. Must Run towards the Opponent on the Same Square to use this. Inevitable,once per battle.

    *=Requires Bai Jong Stance.

    If Player drops a Block/Avoid/Interrupt Effect on the first Taijutsu during
    One Inch Punch: Run towards the Target even if You/Target are in the same square.

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