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    Iaido Empty Iaido

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:18 am


    Requirements: Swordsman, 1500 Ryo, 300 Experience Points, Level 15

    Japanese art of the fast draw. This style not only teaches one to be able to draw and attack with the Katana at the same time, it does so in such a way that the movement itself is an art form. Initially a subschool of Kenjutsu, it is now taught as a separate style in some Kenjutsu schools in Japan.

    Opening (Passive,25 Stamina) Sword Skill Gains: Move-Range:Target, +50 Life Damage, Cant Defend or Interrupt by Skills costing 25 Energy or less. Can only be used on targets who used Non-Instant Nin/Genjutsu. Once Per Turn
    *Nukitsuke; Draw and Cut (75 Stamina) 200 life damage. Interrupts a Ninjutsu. If this is the first sword attack used in battle, deals 400 life damage that turn. Cant interrupt/Dodge. Counts as Draw. Range:0
    Kiriotsuke; Finishing Cut (125 Stamina) 325 life damage. Bleeds 50 for 3 turns. Sheats Sword after this Skill. Cant Interrupt/Avoid. Range:0
    *Ipponme, Mae; In Front (100 Stamina) 250 life damage. Cant Interrupt/Shield. Move-Range:1
    *Nihonme, Ushiro; Rear (75 Stamina) 200 life damage. Cant Dodge. Interrupts 1 attack. Range:0
    *Yonhonme, Tsukaate; Strike With the Handle of the Sword (100 Stamina) 125 Life Damage, Paralyzes 1 Opponent. 200 Life Damage to a Second Target. Cant Interrupt. Range:0
    *Kyuhonme, Soetetsuki; Thrust with hand alongside the blade (150 Stamina) 200 Life Damage, Breaks a Shield. Target cannot use Armor effects for 2 turns. Can't Shield/Interrupt. Twice Per Battle Range:0
    *Ropponme, Morotetsuki; Thrust with both hands (200 Stamina) 250 Life Damage Can't Shield/Interrupt. 2nd strike deals 150 Life Damage Can't Dodge/Interrupt. 3rd strike deals 100 Life Damage Can't Interrupt. Each Strike can be target to a diffrent opponent. Three times per battle Range:0
    Sanbonme, Ukenagashi; Deflection (175 Stamina) 100 Life Damage, Cant Interrupt. Guard 1 Inevitable. Sheats sword after this Skill. Twice per battle. Range:0
    *Iai Beheading (200 Stamina) 350 Life Damage Can't Shield/Avoid/Interrupt. If used to deliver the Finishing Blow, opponent can't revive. Once Per Battle. Move-Range:1
    Noto (25 Stamina) Sheathes sword. Does not take up a skill slot.

    *Sword must be sheathed to use.
    Note: Iaido skills can only be used with 1 one-handed sword.

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