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    Battou-Jutsu Empty Battou-Jutsu

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:15 am


    Requirements: Swordsman, 1500 Ryo, 200 Experience Points, Level 15

    The more combative form of Iaido, also known as Iaijutsu. It has less concern on the art of draw and more on the actual killing techniques.

    Ryu Tsui Sen; Dragon Mallot Flash (100 Stamina) 200 Life Damage. Cant interrupt. User must be 1-2 spaces above the opponent. Move-Range: 2
    Ryu Tsui Sen Zan; Steel Dragon Mallot Flash (150 Stamina) 275 Life Damage. Impair 75 for 2 turns. Cant Block/Interrupt. User must be 1-3 spaces above the opponent. Move-Range: 3
    Hi Ryu Sen; Flying Dragon Slash (50 Stamina) 75 Life Damage. Cant Dodge/Guard. Stuns 1 turn, Confuse the next turn. If Blocked, opponent is confused 1 turn. Move-Range:1
    Ryu Kan Sen; Dragon Wind-Up Flash (100 Stamina) Avoids 1 Taijutsu. 200 Life Damage. Cant Avoid/Interrupt. User may remove "Can't Interrupt" to deal +100 life damage. Once every Four Turns. Range:0
    Sou Ryu Sen Garami; Paired Dragon Flash (# Stamina) Deals Life Damage based on the amount of stamina paid. ###x2 Life Damage. must be a multiple of 50. Max of 200. Cant Block/Interrupt. Range:0
    Ryu Shou Sen; Reverse Dragon Flash (75 stamina) Guard 1 Taijutsu/Weapon Attack last turn. Guard all Taijutsu/Weapon Attacks last turn if your opponent is above you, but this costs 125 Stamina. Range:0
    Ryu Sou Sen; Double Dragon Flash (125 stamina) 100 Life Damage. Cant Interrupt. If used twice in 1 turn, the 2nd attack deals +300 Life Damage and gains text "Can't be blocked". Twice every Three Turns. Range:0
    Kyuuzu Ryu Sen; Nine Headed Dragon Flash (200 stamina) 400 Life Damage. Immobilizes target for 1 turn. Slows opponent for 3 turns. Inevitable. Range:0

    Note: Sword must be drawn to use the skills.

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