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    Bak Mei Empty Bak Mei

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:15 am

    Bak Mei

    Requirements: 2000 Ryou, 400 Experience Points,Level 15

    Bak Mei is a highly sophisticated, fast and aggressive system that is rarely seen within the realm of Chinese martial arts today. Bak Mei uses Ging - or sacred power - a type of explosive power that enables a technique to change quickly from a soft and relaxed movement into a powerful strike upon impact. To the untrained observer, this can look quite external, or as using brute force. Techniques are executed between short and mid-range distances; hand movements are fast and powerful.Bak Mei is characterized by its emphasis on powerful close range hand strikes, specifically with the Extended Knuckle Strike (attack) known as the Phoenix eye fist. Bak Mei strikes are usually executed in conjunction with intercepting and jamming the opponent's strike. Within Bak Mei can be found the four principles of Fou (Float), Chum (Sink), Tun (Swallow), and Tou (Spit) common in the Southern Chinese martial arts and also found in Karate. Unique to Bak Mei is its classification of the following 6 powers: biu (thrusting), chum (sinking), tan (springing), fa (neutralizing), tung, and chuk. Bak Mei emphasizes the movements of the tiger.

    Level 15

    Phoenix Eye Fist (0 Stamina) 25 Life Damage. Can't be Modified. Deals 50 Life Damage during Close Encounter.Range:0
    Biu:Thrusting Interception (50 Stamina) 25 Life Damage. Interrupt Opponent's Technique.Knockback:1.Move-Range:1
    Fou:Float (75 Stamina) Avoid One Technique. Avoids 2 Techniques in Close Encounter.
    Chum:Sinking Claws (100 Stamina) 150 Life Damage. Fractures for 2 turns.Can't be used during Close Encounter. Can't Guard/Interrupt.Range:0
    Tou: Spitting Tiger (125 Stamina)Chokes 50 Stamina damage for 5 turns, cant avoid/guard.Move-Range:1

    Level 20

    Close Encounter (100 Stamina, Passive)The Opponent or User cannot leave the Square on his or her own for the next 3 turns.Twice per battle. Range 0
    *Fa:Neutralizing Tiger (150 Stamina, Passive)All Opponent's attack that successfully hit the player this turn and next turn are reduced by Half of the Damage. once per battle.
    *Tan:Springing Tiger (150 Stamina) 200 Life Damage. Interrupt All of one Opponent's Technique. Can't Block/Interrupt. Range:0
    *Tun:Swallow Claw (200 Stamina) 350 Life/Stamina Damage.Impair 75 for 3 turns. Fractures 2 Turns after Close Encounter ends. Inevitable. Once per Battle. Range:0

    *=Requires Close Encounter to be Activted.

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