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    Spear Empty Spear

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:06 am

    Spear Origspear

    DP: 300

    Impaling (Attribute) One Spear skill a turn does +50 Damage and gains Bleed 25 for 2 turns.
    Draw (0 Stamina) Draws the weapon, allowing you to use it in battle.
    Sheath (0 Stamina) Sheaths the weapon, you can't use it in battle now.
    Guard (0 Stamina) Guards against Any Non Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Technique, Weapon is dealt tenth of the Damage.
    Impale (100 Stamina, 1 DP) 100 Life damage, Bleeds 25 for four turns. cant be guarded by taijutsu.Range:0
    Swing-Slice (125 Stamina, 2 DP) Multi hit 250 Life Damage, Cant Guard/Avoid.Range:0
    Feign Blunt Strike (75 Stamina, 1 DP) 25 life damage, confuses opponent for one turn. Cant Guard.Range:0
    Penta-Pierce (300 Stamina, 2 DP) 400 Life damage, bleeds 50 for four turns, Cant Dodge/Guard and Interrupt by Taijutsu.Range:0
    Splitting Blade (100 Stamina, 2 DP) Bleeds 75 life for four turns, may only be cured by Medical Jutsu. Cannot use Spear techniques while active. Cant Interrupt. Range:0
    Slicing Cyclone (100 Stamina, 3 DP) 150 Life Damage, Cant Avoid/Guard/Interrupt. Once Per Battle, may only be done after Swing-Slice. Range:0

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