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    Katars Empty Katars

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:06 am

    Katars Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCCtCTsEEhOd1Mf_XgrhRIlt5TURal8MhujGJwNKHKudjEgPGV&t=1

    DP: 300

    Knifed Hands (Attribute) All Taijutsu with the words "punch, Fist, Palm, Slap, Chop" Deal +50 Damage.
    Draw (0 Stamina) Draws the weapon, allowing you to use it in battle.
    Sheath (0 Stamina) Sheaths the weapon, you can't use it in battle now.
    Guard (0 Stamina) Guards against Any Non Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Technique, Weapon is dealt tenth of the Damage.
    Knifed Jab (75 Stamina, 1 DP) 100 Life Damage,Bleeds 25 life for 2 turns. Cant Interrupt. Can be used in conjunction with Punch but loses all Text. Range:0
    Talon Punch (100 Stamina, 2 DP) 200 Life Damage, Enfeeble 75 for 3 Turns. Cant Dodge/Interrupt. Move-Range:1
    Piercing Jab(150 Stamina, 2 DP) 150 Life Damage,Bleeds 50 Life for 3 turns. Cant Shield/Dodge. Range:0
    Mantis Slash(200 Stamina, 2 DP) 300 Life Damage, Cant Dodge/Shield. If Interrupted, Opponent Takes 150 Life Damage if Interrupted. Range:0
    Scissor Claws (125 Chakra, 2 DP) 250 Life Damage, Opponent cannot use Handsigns for the next 2 Turns. Cant Interrupt/Block. Range:0
    Drill (150 Stamina, 1 DP) 200 Life Damage, Holds Opponent for 2 turns while Dealing 50 Life Damage per turn. Can only use Katar Moves to Held Target.
    Guillotine Scissors(300 Stamina, 3 DP) 250 Life Damage,Bleeds 75 Life/Enfeeble/Impair 150 for 4 turns. Cant Avoid/Interrupt/Block. Range:0

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