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    Tonfa Empty Tonfa

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:04 am

    Tonfa Tonfa

    DP: 300

    Confusing Hit (Attribute) One Taijutsu gains Confuse opponent for 1 turn. Once Per Turn.
    Draw (0 Stamina) Draws the weapon, allowing you to use it in battle.
    Sheath (0 Stamina) Sheaths the weapon, you can't use it in battle now.
    Guard (0 Stamina) Guards against Any Non Ninjutsu/Genjutsu Technique, Weapon is dealt tenth of the Damage.
    Forearm Strike (100 Stamina, 1 DP) 200 Life/100 Stamina Damage. Cant interrupt. Range:0
    Blunt Knockout (125 Stamina, 1 DP) 100 Stamina Damage, Paralyzes the Opponent for 3 Turns. Cant Avoid. Range:0
    Dragon Uppercut (175 Stamina, 2 DP) 250 Life, 50 Stamina Damage. Knock Up:1 Cant Dodge/Interrupt. Move-Range:1
    Arm Hook (100 Stamina, 2 DP) Disables the Target from using a Weapon for the next 3 turns. Cant Guard/Avoid or Interrupt by Taijutsu. Range:0
    Cycle Arm Strike (200 Stamina, 2 DP) 300 Life, 150 Stamina Damage, Slows/Confuse/Impair 50 for 2 turns Cant Interrupt/Block. Range:0
    1000 Branched Fist (300 Stamina, 3 DP)Multi-Hit 500 Life/Stamina Damage. Cant Avoid/Interrupt/Guard. Once per Battle. Move-Range:1

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