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    Mangekyou Sharingan

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    Mangekyou Sharingan Empty Mangekyou Sharingan

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:51 am

    Mangekyou Sharingan

    Quantity: One out of Every 7 Sharingan Owners,Including One-Eyed Sharingan Users

    Eyes Vision Points: 30.
    User Loses one Vision point for every additional Mangekyou Technique used After the first Technique. See Vision Key to determine how blind the player is.

    Mangekyou Sharingan•Kaleidoscope Copying Wheel Eye (75 Chakra per turn,passive)Allows the Player to Copy any skill from a selected Player. The Move will be added to the stats,if reported. Disables Any Clone Based Techniques,allowing the User to attack the targeted players.Clairvoyance is automatically activated per turn and User is unaffected by Non-Birthright Genjutsu. After Using one Mangekyou Technique, The Player will lose 100 Life and their eyes will begin weakening.
    Amaterasu•Goddess of the Sun (450 Chakra,1 Vision Point) 800 Life Damage,Cancels All Effects within Targeted Range.Flames Burn/Fracture 25 Life from whatever it touches,incurable.Obliteration,Once Per Battle;no matter what.Line-Range:7
    Black Flames (Static)User can move an Amaterasu Flame from a Target to another for 50 Chakra,The Flame Deals 100 Life Damage upon touching the target then continues the burn effect.
    Tsukuyomi •God of the Moon (150 Chakra per turn,1 Vision Point) . Holds All Opponents 1 turn. May Only use Tsukuyomi Techniques.Any Players that move in the affected squares are also held,even if the move is already casted,User may Attack the Targets every two minutes after the technique has hit.3 Tiered Sharingan Users can negate this by paying 400 Chakra.Obliteration,Once per battle. Max is Four turns.Line-Range 7

    Tsukuyomi Skills
    Tsukuyomi Universe Creation: The Player will be able to Create their own Names and pick their own effects to use in Tsukuyomi. Must have a story of what their Tsukuyomi world looks like.

    -Insert Name(0 Chakra) 25 Stamina Damage.
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 50 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 50 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 75 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 100 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 100 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 150 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 200 Chakra)Insert Effects
    -Insert Name(Maxmimum of 250 Chakra)Insert Effects

    For Every 50 Damage,it cost 25 chakra
    (4) 25 Stamina Damage (can be added on freely)
    (3)50 Stamina Damage
    (2) 100 Stamina Damage
    (1) 200 Stamina Damage

    Per every # of Duration,it cost 25 Chakra
    -Berserks 75 for one turn
    -Enfeebles 75 for one turn
    -Impair 75 for one turn
    -Blind Target for one turn
    -Confuse Target for one turn
    -Slows Target for one turn
    -Immobilizes for one turn
    -Bleed 25 for 2 turns,incurable[/quote

    Susanoo•God of the Sea and Storms (300 Chakra,1 Vision Point) Summons Susanoo's Exoskeleton onto the battlefield. 1700/2000/2000.Will Reduce Any Effects Damage/Duration by 300 or 2 Turns.Reduction effects Square.Cant Interrupt.Once per Battle
    Muscle Tissue Creation(25 Stamina per turn)+100 Life Damage to All Techniques,Unaffected by Debilitating Effects/Genjutsu,+300 Life,Gain Effect is once per battle.
    Armored God(0 Chakra)Enables Weapons to be used by Susannoo. Armor created on the Susanno has 1500 DP and takes -75 Life Damage.Cannot be affected by specific Durability Attacks.

    Custom Susanoo- Each Mangekyou Sharingan User will be able to have their customizable Susanoo summon. The Players will be able to give the summon its own weapons and techniques.Susanoo has 20 Move Slots. Weapons take up 2 Slots,May own Any sort of Item.Allowed 2 Weapons

    Vision Key

    Vision Key:Cant avoid>Cant Dodge>Can Avoid>Avoided Automatically.

    • 30-19= User is not blinded.
    • 18-11= User's Attacks are Downgraded from Can Avoid to Automatically Avoided.
    • 10-1= User's Attacks are Downgraded from Cant Avoid to the next effect down.
    • 0= User's Attacks are Downgraded from Cant Avoid to Automatically Avoided.

    The Tsukuyomi will affect any target that runs inbetween the user/targeted square until the genjutsu has ended.
    For Example:If a Mangekyou User uses the Technique at G5 and targets it at G10. Any targets that move inbetween those are automatically caught in that jutsu and are held in that spot.
    Susanno's Reducing Effect only affects its summoning turn.

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