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    Hachimon, The Eight Gates

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    Hachimon, The Eight Gates Empty Hachimon, The Eight Gates

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:49 am

    Hachimon, The Eight Gates

    RequirementsLevel 40+Chakra Deficiency or 30 Taijutsu if Non- Chakra Deficiency

    May Learn the First First Five if the player does not have Chakra Deficiency

    First Gate:Gate of Opening (25 Life) Regain 50 Stamina and 25 Chakra every three turns. The player is not affected by Debuffing Techniques that Debuff 100 or lower. Once per battle.
    -Front Lotus(100 Stamina; 150 life) 500 life damage,Cant Avoid/Guard/Interrupt by Taijutsu costing under 100 Stamina. Sends the Target to the Base Level and then under one row.Range 0. Requires First Gate.
    Second Gate:Gate of Rest (50 Life) Restores 200 Life/Chakra and 250 Stamina. Refills MP and any Limited Taijutus techniques used in the last two turns. Once per battle.
    Third Gate:Gate of Life (75 Life) All Taijutsu Deal 100 more Damage for the rest of the battle.All Taijutsu Gain Cant Dodge, while Opponent's Techniques are Downgraded from Can't Dodge. The Damage Increase Surpasses the Damage Max.
    -Reverse Lotus(200 Stamina; 300 life) 700 Life Damage, inevitable,Once per every three Gates. User gains the effect:Immoblized for 3 Turns.Sends the Target to the Base Level and then under one row.Knockdown Effect Still Occurs if Blocked. Range:0
    Fourth Gate:Wound Gate (100 Life) All Taijutsu will gain the effect: Wound 50 for five turns, Wounds cannot be healed. Gain 20 MP.Player moving abilities may move up to one additional square.
    Fifth Gate:Gate of Limits (125 Life)All Taijutsu gain +50 Damage and "cant be guarded".One Opponent Attack with the base text Cant Dodge or lower, will be automatically avoided every turn.
    Sixth Gate:Gate of Views(150 Life) Player Gains 300 Life/Chakra and 500 Stamina. One Taijutsu may Gain:Cant Avoid and may become Inevitable,but once every three turns.Genjutsu Under 50 Chakra is automatically Disabled.
    -Morning Peacock (300 chakra; 250 stamina)500 life damage.Confuses and Enfeebles 100 for two turns. Cant Dodge,Interrupt,or Block.
    Seventh Gate:Gate of Wonder(175 Life) Allows the Player to perform another Technique and Move per turn.Downgrades All "Can't Avoid" Techniques every time,the extra technique slot is used.
    -Eternal Chaotic Dance (200 chakra; 350 stamina) ???
    Eighth Gate:Death Gate(User Dies at End of Turn) All Techniques Aimed at the Player Last turn are Interrupted,including Inevitables and Genjutsu. The Taijutsu used this Turn Gains +300 Life Damage,may only receive Gate Techniques, and becomes an Obliteration Technique.

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