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    Jingou Hearts

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    Jingou Hearts Empty Jingou Hearts

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:49 am

    Requirements:Level 45+Jingou Threads.

    Fusing Heart (75 Chakra per Heart Fusing,passive) Fuses Two Hearts Together, Life/Chakra/Stamina is added together. New heart counts as one target. Heart Gains an additional Attack. The New Heart gains a new set of skills when fusing with two different elements.
    Tendril Connection(100 Chakra,passive) Fuses Two or less Hearts into the body of the Jingou thread Player. The Player may use the Techniques and Life/Chakra/Stamina from the hearts.Hearts and players are one target. Once Every Three turns
    Reviving Heartbeat (300 Chakra,passive From a Heart) After the Player has died,the heart will revive the player. Player is Revived with the amount of Life the heart had. Cannot Summon this Heart during this battle.
    Earth Grudge Fear (200 Chakra) Once you have killed an opponent, The User Rips out the Target's Heart using Jingou Threads,the Heart remains alive and may grant the User Elemental Techniques.Target Cannot Revive. Player may learn Techniques of the Player's First Elemental Affinity,the Heart may possess onto Seven Elemental Techniques to use when separated from the User. Heart has:1000 Life/600 Chakra and Stamina.User Gains +100 Base Life per extra heart. Max:Four Extra Hearts. Obliteration Technique,once per target.
    Pulsing Limbs (100 Life+150 Chakra,passive) May Add a Heart to an Jingou Tendril Technique, The Heart will be summoned from the targetted area of that technique.
    Heart Release (100 Life+### Chakra/Stamina) Releases a Heart unto the Battlefield, The player may grant the Heart more Chakra/Stamina if neccesary. Hearts May use as many Defensive abilities as the Player,but only One Offensive move.

    Elemental Heart Attacks

    General Attacks

    Piercing Tendrils (50 Life) 100 Life Damage,Cant Guard/Interrupt. Range 3.Elemental Hearts may add elemental affinity bonuses to this.
    Thread Bind (75 Life) Hold opponent 2 posts. Can't dodge/block/interrupt. Range: 2
    Draw in (Life chakra, passive) An opponent captured by a Jingou technique is moved to your square.
    Cast out (75 Life) An opponent captured by a Jingou technique is moved up to 4 squares away. If moved into an obstruction, opponent takes 150 can't block, can't interrupt life damage.
    Defensive Mesh (75 Life) Guard up to Two techniques,excluding Explosive Tags. If guarding technique with range 1 or less, hold opponent 1 post.
    Heartbreak (50 Stamina)One Heart splits from either another heart or the user in Heart Fusion or Tendril Connection.

    Fire Heart

    Fire Release: Suffering Burns (100 chakra) 100 life damage, Burns 25 Life Damage for Four Turns,cant be Dodged. Range 4
    Fire Release: Continuous Torturing(150 chakra,200 Multi Hit) 200 Life Damage,Burns 50 Life for Two turns.Extends any other burning Damage by two two turns. Cant Interrupt/Avoid. Range 3
    Fire Release: Head Mincing Pain(300 chakra)Multi-Hit,500 Life Damage,Cant Be Dodged,Blocked,or Interrupted.Multi-Range 4

    Lightning Heart

    Lightning Release:Feign Flash(50 chakra)Multi-Hit Interrupt a Technique from an opponent while blinding All opponents for one turn.Multi-Range 4
    Lightning Release: Electric Laser(100 chakra) 200 life damage cant be Blocked or Dodge. Cost 50 Chakra per turn to reuse next turn,can only be used three times in a row.Range 3
    Lightning Release:False Darkness (300 chakra,350 for Multi Hit)600 life damage, cant be avoided or interrupted,once per battle. Range 4

    Wind Heart

    Wind Release:Suction(75 chakra)Interrupts and then Redirects One Technique aimed at the square to another square. Range 1
    Wind Release: Pressure Damage(150 chakra)Multi Hit 300 life damage, cant be interrupted or avoided,Enfeebles by 50 for two turns.Range 2
    Wind Release:Violent Pressure(250 chakra)Multi-Hit 400 Life Damage,Confuses for One Turn, Impairs 25 for Four Turns. Cant be Avoided,Guarded,or Interrupted. once every four turns. Range 3

    Water Heart

    Water Release: Wall of Water(125 chakra)Guards up to Three Attacks aimed at the square,excluding Lightning Based Techniques and Throwing Items.
    Water Release: Unfaltering Water Blast(200 chakra) 300 Life Damage,Knockback Two Squares, Cant Guard/Interrupt.
    Water Release:Soothing Swamp(300 Chakra)Affects players that are not in the air. Opponents are Plagued-Poisoned 100 Life for Five Turns, while Allies are healed 200 Life.Cant Avoid/Block nor Interrupt except for Fire techniques by Once per battle.

    Earth Heart

    Earth Release:Gravel Shield (100 chakra) Shields against Any Non Wind Based Techniques and Taijutsu Costing 125 Stamina or more. 200 Durability Points.
    Earth Release: Stone Topple(150 chakra) Multi hit 250 life damage,Enfeebles 50 for three turns. cant be interrupted or blocked.Range 3
    Earth Release:Iron Tendril Body(300 chakra) Blocks all attacks for the Heart and Master, Including Inevitables and Genjutsu costing 100 or lower.May Reduce Incoming Attacks by 75 life damage per turn,cost 50 chakra per turn Once per battle.

    - Only Four Hearts can be released/used during battle. The Fifth/last one is used to keep the player alive.
    -Hearts are unaffected by genjutsu costing on or under 75 chakra.
    -Each Heart may Have up to 1 Offensive and Defensive Inevitable Technique,but the Technique will count as if the Player has used. (is the part after the comma fine?)
    -The Jingou User is able to possess more than one heart of the same element.
    -Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths do +100 more To/From The heart. Example: Fire Users take 50 more damage from water techniques/users,while dealing 50 more damage to Wind Users. Fire Heart takes 150 more Damage from water techniques/users, while dealing 150 more damage to Wind Users.

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