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    Soften Modification

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    Soften Modification Empty Soften Modification

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:46 am

    Requirements Unknown

    Joint Dislocation (50 Life) User is Fractured from Using Hand signs in exchange the Player becoming able to use Soften Modification Techniques. Activates Elastic Body.
    Elastic Body (25 Chakra per turn) Allows the Player's movement to be increased by two spots in the selected direction. Automatically Dodge any Attacks Dealing 150 Base Life Damage.
    Elastic Return (50 Chakra,passive) The Player Returns back to the Square on it's last turn or ends the Effect of Joint dislocation.
    Reshaping Body (250 Chakra) Cancels any Effects from Attacks from the last turn or that are affecting the body from the last 3 Turns,once per battle.
    Disconnection (### Chakra) Releases The Player from a Non-Genjutsu Based Holding Technique that cost 150 Chakra/Stamina or lower.Can only use Soften Modification Techniques this turn.Twice every three turns.
    Stretching (50 Chakra,passive) Increases Taijutsu's Range by 3 while Damage/Effects are increased by 100 or 1,once per turn. Body Constriction can automatically activate if selected technique hits.
    Serpent Walk (125 Chakra)75 Life Damage, Confuses the opponent for one turn while Interrupting the Target from Casting a Technique.
    Flatten (200 Chakra) Avoids all Techniques excludes Genjutsu while camouflaging the User from any Attacks outside of the user's current square,User cannot move. Cant Attack either,last for three turns. Twice per battle
    Body Constriction (125 Chakra,75 Stamina) Holds Opponent for 3 Turns,cant Block/Interrupt. Automatically Activates ,if desired, if a Taijutsu was Guarded/ Successfully hit against an opponent. Can Only use Constriction Techniques.
    Suffocation (50 Stamina per turn) Chokes 100 Stamina for two turns, If Target hasnt Escaped,it begins losing 125 Life,cant interrupt/block.
    *Tighten (50 Stamina,passive) Allows Bodt Constriction to last for more turn turn.
    *Fracture (50 Chakra,125 Stamina)100 Life Damage, Immobilizes and Prevents the Target from Using Handsigns or Taijutsu for two turns. Cant Block/Avoid.
    *Neck Snap (200 Chakra,75 Stamina) 450 Life Damage,Player cannot revive from this Attack with a Non-Energy Amplifier Ability.Once per body Constriction.Inevitable.

    If Player attacks while Flatten, The Camoflaged is worn off however the Attacks on the turn

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