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    King Of hell Statue Summoning

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    King Of hell Statue Summoning Empty King Of hell Statue Summoning

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:44 am

    King Of hell Statue Summoning Hell

    Requirement:Level 40,7000 Ryou,

    Cost:500 Chakra to Summon (Requires Handsigns)

    Normal Users

    Statue may learn D Ranked Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/Taijutsu but for an additional 200 Experience Points put into the Training
    Hell Stone Eyes(Attribute) Disables Any Genjutsu Costing 125 Chakra or lower. Sensor Range:3
    Hell Fist(50 Stamina) 100 Life Damage,Berserk/Enfeeble 100 for 2 turns. Slows opponent for 1 turn.Cannot Shield/Dodge.Range:0
    Stone Fist Prison (150 Stamina) Holds Opponent for 2 turns, All Taijutsu Deal +75 Life Damage. Cant Interrupt/Guard.Range:0
    Marital Darkness Release:Corrupting Katana Pierce (100 Chakra) If succesful, the Opponent's Chakra Cost for Skills are increased by 75 for 3 turns. One per Opponent at a Time.Cant Interrupt/Block.Range:1
    Demonic Roar (250 Chakra)Mulit-Hit Slows,Blinds,Confuse,Impair 125 for 3 Turns.Cant Avoid,Guard,Interrupt.Multi-Line Range:3
    Darkness Release:Chaos Resurrection (250 Chakra)
    Martial Dark Release: Dragon Demon Blade (150 Chakra,100 Stamina) 200 Life Damage,Drains 50 Chakra/Stamina for 5 turns. Cant Avoid or Interrupt.Range:0
    Guard(### Stamina) Guards Against a Technique that deals ###x2 Base Damage.
    Darkness Release:Eternal Fear (300 Chakra) All Summons within Range are Immobilized/Enfeeble and Impair 250 until the Statue has been Destroyed.Inevitable, Once per Battle. Range:6
    Darkness Release:Spectral Soul Dragon (150 Chakra) 300 Life/Stamina/Chakra Damage, Opponent cannot revive if this is the Killing technique. Cant Interrupt/Block.Line-Range:3
    Darkness Release:Infinite Soul Dragons (200 Chakra)Multi-Hit 300 Life/Stamina/Chakra Damage, Opponent cannot revive if this is the Killing technique. Cant Interrupt/Block.MultiLine-Range:3
    *Soul Flame Blast (250 Chakra) 400 Life/Stamina/Chakra Damage, Opponent cannot revive if this is the Killing technique. Inevitable,Once per Battle.Line-Range:Same as Soul Dragon.

    Akatsuki Exclusive Abilities

    Complete Nine Mystical Dragon Seal (100 Chakra from Each Akatsuki Member Attending) Begins the Extraction of a Bijuu from a Jinchuuriki, Please post the Akatsuki Rules for explanation of the Procedure. Cant Interrupt
    Tailed Beast Weapon:Hell Stone Bomb (All Nine Bijuu) The Targeted Area on the World Map will be completely Destroyed. All Villages,Players,Unique Items will be Destroyed and Reported to the Death Thread. Akatsuki will gain all rewards. Demons are scattered after Technique is used. Once per Collection of all 9 Demons.

    Rinnengan Abilities

    Bond of Chakra Receptors (300 Chakra) The King of Hell can now use any Skill that the User possesses;User and Summon cannot move.The Hell Statue can transfers its chakra to the User.Once per battle.

    *=Requires Spectral Soul Dragon or Infinite Soul Dragon to be in Use

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