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    Wind Mastery

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    Wind Mastery

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:40 am

    Requirements:2500 Ryou,350 Experience Points.


    Release:First Star (25 Stamina,passive) All Fan Attacks deal +50 Life Damage. Range:User
    Fan Slam (100 Stamina) 250 Life Damage, Cant avoid if Used after a Fan Technique. Cant Interrupt. Does not receive Star Bonuses.Range:User
    *Cutting Whirlwind (150 Chakra) Knock Up:2,Holds for 2 turns. Whirlwind does 150 Life Damage to Affected. Can only be Damaged by Wind Techniques. Wind Techniques do +50 Life Damage. Cant Interrupt/Guard.Line-Range 3
    *Whirlwind Guard (100 Chakra) Interrupts an Opponent from Casting Two Techniques.Range:3


    Release:Second Star (50 Stamina,passive) All Fan/Wind Techniques Become Multi-Hit. Must be Used After First Star.Range:User
    **Scythe Tornado (75+### Chakra) 150+### Life Damage,Enfeebles 50 for 4 Turns.cant Block.Multi-Range 4
    **Dust Wind (100 Chakra per Square)Target a Square. Slows Any Target that moves over the square for Two Turns,cant interrupt. Range 3


    Release:Third Star (100 Stamina,passive) All Fan Techniques cannot be Guarded and Reflect any Throwing Weapon. Must be Used After Second Star.Range:User
    -Chaos Fan Dance (150 Stamina) 300 Life Damage, Fractures Opponent from using Taijutsu for 2 turns. cant Guard/Avoid. Receives only First Star Bonus. Move-Range:1
    ***Great Cutting Whirlwind(250 Chakra) Mulit-Hit Knocks the Opponent Up Two Squares,Holds the opponent for 3 turns. Whirlwind does 200 Life Damage to Affected. Can only be Damaged by Wind Techniques. Wind Techniques do +50 Life Damage. Cant Interrupt /Block.Once every 3 turns.Multi-Line Range 3
    ***Dragon's Big Job (300 Chakra) 500 Life Damage, Confuses and Impairs 100 for Two Turns. Inevitable.once per battle. Range:MultiLine:4

    -All Wind Fan Skills are Instant.
    *=Requires First Star to be Active
    **=Requires Second Star to be Active
    ***=Requires Third Star to be Active

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