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    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:32 am

    While Owning this Experise, the Player may not own a Birthright.


    One Tomoe:Awareness (50 Chakra per turn,passive) User can Copy the Target's Taijutsu in Battle the turn after the technique was casted,Genjutsu Costing 25 Chakra or lower are Disrupted. Range:User
    *Acute Perception (25 Chakra,passive) All Attacks aimed at the user are Downgraded from Cant Dodge.Range:User
    Cover Eye (Activated Sharingan) Deactivate any Tomoe or form of Sharingan.Range:User


    *Two Tomoe: Perception (25 Chakra ,passive)User can Copy the Target's Taijutsu/Ninjutsu in Battle the turn after the technique was casted.Acute Perception is activated.
    **Deciphered Illusion (100 Chakra,passive) The User is able to see through any Camouflages. Unaffected by Clone Based Techniques, allowing the User to attack the targeted players.Range:2
    **Foresight (50 Chakra,passive)Downgrades all Attacks from Cant Guard/ Dodge,excluding Taijutsu. Exception affects One and Two Tomoe.Range:User
    **Illusion Piercing Eyes (###-25 chakra, passive)Releases from a Genjutsu costing ### Chakra.Can Release from an Inevitable Genjutsu once,but for +125 Chakra to the original cost.Range:User


    **Predicted Defense (75 Chakra,Passive)Upgrades all Cant Guard/ Cant Dodge Attacks used on this turn. Cannot be made inevitable.once every 4 turns,except if in Three Tomoe or Mangekyou.Range:User
    **Mirror Images(75 Chakra,passive) Any Copied Technique from the opponent's last turn will gain: 100 Life Damage if Offensive or Defend against an additional Technique.Range:User
    **Illusion Wheel:Spinning Wheel (125 Chakra,passive) adds either Confuse of Immobilize the Opponent for one turn to copied techniques.Range:User


    **Three Tomoe: Copy Wheel Eye (50 Chakra per turn,passive) User can Copy the Target's Taijutsu/Ninjutsu/Genjutsu in Battle the turn after the technique was casted.Foresight/Deciphered Illusion are automatically activated per turn.Range:User
    ***Clairvoyance(125 Chakra,passive)Downgrades Cant Shield/Avoid/Cancel Attacks. Excluding inevitable.Once every 5 Turns.Range:User
    ***Clairvoyant Defense (150 Chakra,passive) Upgrades all Cant Avoid/Shield Techniques, cannot be made inevitable. once every 4 turns.Range:User
    ***Illusion Wheel:Hypnotism (200 Chakra) Select One Opponent,if this skill successfully hits,the Player can redirect any Attack/Defense Skill from that opponent to another player. Limit is 2 reversals. inevitable,twice per battle.Range:4
    ***Illusion Wheel: Forced Control (125 Chakra) Allows the Player to control the target under Hypnotism for two turns,cannot have reversed techniques,inevitable. once per battle.Range:Target

    *=Requires One Tomoe or Higher to use.
    **=Requires Two Tomoe or Higher to use.
    ***=Requires Three Tomoe or higher to use.
    -If the user owned both eyes of the sharingan previously, then the Chakra cost for each tomoe is reduced by 50 chakra. Chakra cost must still be at least 25.
    -To Successfully copy a technique,please report that you copied a technique in a Buy/Sell topic.
    -Once the User activates more Tomoes for sharingan,the User can never return to the previous tomoes.
    -Sharingan cannot Copy Expertises/Birthrights/Techniques of Different Chakra Affinities/Fighting Styles/Items
    -The amount of Techniques a Sharingan User can copy is 3 per Battle.
    -Moves that are automatically actived when Two or Three Tomoe Sharingan is used function like Attributes. The Player does not need to pay for those activated effects.
    -Sharingan Downgrade/Upgrade techniques will only affect the Player. The Downgrade effect can not help Allies defend against the Skills.
    Effect Definition:
    -Downgrade:Sharingan will Downgrade the Avoid Effect of Offensive Techniques aimed at the Sharingan User from the selected effect and any lower effect. Therefore if the move cant be Avoided,it will turn into Cannot Dodge,etc.
    -Upgrade is the Reverse of Downgrade but instead of the Opponent's Skills getting stronger, The User's Attacks will. Upgrade Dodge will Turn Cant Dodge Techniques into Cannot Avoid.

    Effect List (best to worst):
    Avoid:Cant Avoid->Cant Dodge->Can Dodge->Defended Automatically.
    Block:Cant Block->Cant Shield->Cant Guard->Can Block-> Defended Automatically
    Interrupt:Cant Interrupt->Cant Cancel->Can Interrupt->Defended Automatically.

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