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    Jingou Threads

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    Jingou Threads

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:27 am

    Requirement:Level 40,3000 Ryou, 750 Experience Points

    Thread Combat {Attribute} Pay 25x chakra to increase the range of any taijutsu. This taijutsu counts as Jingou technique for affected use. [x=new range of jutsu]
    Extended Grip (50 chakra, 50 stamina) 100 life damage, Hold two opponents for 1 post, can't interrupt. Multi-Range: 3
    Thread Bind (75 chakra) Hold opponent 2 posts. Can't dodge/block/interrupt. Range: 2
    Draw In (75 chakra, passive) An opponent captured by a Jingou technique is moved to your square.
    Cast Out (75 chakra) An opponent captured by a Jingou technique is moved up to 4 squares away. If moved into an obstruction, opponent takes 150 can't block, can't interrupt life damage.
    Wound Stitch (50 chakra) Heal ally or self 75 life. Revive ally, including decapitated one,once per battle Range:0
    Blossoming Threads (125 chakra) All taijutsu gains 25 damage, all Jingou techniques gain 50 life damage. Upkeep: 25 chakra/turn
    +Defensive Mesh (75 chakra) Guard up to three techniques. If guarding technique with range 1 or less, hold opponent 1 post.
    +Spider Thread Charge (125 stamina; 150 chakra) Move up to 3 squares in any combination of directions. 150 life damage, can't avoid, can't guard. Range: 0
    +Wasteless Thread Strike (125 stamina) 200 life damage, knockback 2. Can't block, can't interrupt. Range: 2
    Long Range Mode (100 chakra) Reduce all taijutsu damage to/from user by 75. All Jingou techniques gain 125 life damage. Upkeep: 50 chakra/turn
    *Thread Cannon (175 chakra) Multi-hit 250 life damage, can't block, can't interrupt. Range: 4
    *Giant's Lunge (250 chakra) Avoid up to two skills, including inevitable skills. Move up to 4 squares in any combination of directions. Twice per battle.
    *Master's Thread Bind(275 chakra) 200 life damage, hold opponent(s) for 2 posts. Inevitable. Once per battle. Line Range: 2

    + Requires Blossoming Threads to be active
    * Requires Long Range Mode to be active
    Blossoming Threads and Long Range Mode cannot be active at the same time.

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