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    Illusionary Arts: Sketching

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    Illusionary Arts: Sketching

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:26 am

    Cost: 3000 ryo,1000 Experience Points


    Ink Drawing; Snakes (25 stamina; 50 chakra) Summon two Ink Snakes with 50/150/150. Snakes can move 2 squares per turn, and have one technique.
    Ink Drawing; Leeches (25 stamina; chakra) Summon two Ink Leeches with 50/0/150. Leech can move 2 squares per turn, and have one technique.


    Quick Sketch (25 stamina, passive) One Illusionary Arts; Sketching technique becomes "can't interrupt" this turn. Once every 2 turns.
    Ink Drawing; Giant Bird (25 stamina; 100 chakra) Summon one Ink Giant Bird with 150/125/100. Bird can move 2 squares per turn, 3 if in the sky, and has one technique. Can carry 2 people.
    Ink Mist Technique (150 chakra) Avoid all techniques. Move up to 2 squares in any direction. Once every 4 turns.


    Multi-Draft (150 stamina, passive) Double the amount of creatures created by an Ink Drawing technique this turn. Once every 4 turns. Can't be used on the same skill as "Quick Sketch".
    Ink Drawing; Shishi (75 stamina; 125 chakra) Summon two Ink Shishi with 200/200/200. Shishi can moves 2 squares per turn, and has 2 techniques.
    Ink Flush Technique (200 chakra) Multi-hit,Hold opponent(s) 2 posts. Can't dodge. If the opponent's guard this technique, they must continue to guard against this technique for 2 more turns.Multi-Range: 3


    Ink Clone Technique (75 stamina; 150 chakra) Summon one Ink Clone with 250/600/600. Clone has 3 moves per turn, to be split between movement and techniques, and can use any of summoner's store bought skills. Once per battle.
    Inky Darkness (200 chakra)Instant,Multi-hit 150 stamina/200 Chakra damage. Opponent is completely blind for 3 posts. Inevitable. Once per battle. Multi-Line-Range: 2

    Ink Drawing Moves

    Ink Snake

    Coil (25 stamina)t Hold opponent 1 post. Can't dodge. Range: 0
    Bite (25 chakra) 50 life damage. Poison 50 life for 3 posts. Can't guard, interrupt. Range: 0

    Ink Leech

    Latch (25 Stamina)Impairs 50 until the Leech dies or leaves. May begin Suction.
    Suction (25 Stamina per turn) Absorbs 50 Health or Chakra per turn. Inevitable
    Donate (### Health/Chakra) May donate Absorbed Health or Chakra to user. Requires both to be on same square.

    Ink Giant Bird

    Sky Writing (25 stamina) Avoid 1 technique for Giant Bird and passengers.
    Talon Grip (50 stamina) 150 life damage. Can't avoid, interrupt. Range: 0
    Ink Shower (25 chakra)Multi-Hit 50 life damage. Can't block, interrupt. Multi-Range: 3

    Ink Shishi

    Leap (50 stamina) Avoid 1 technique.
    Heaven Slash (25 stamina) 75 life damage. Can't guard/dodge. Move-Range: 1
    Mighty Roar (50 chakra) Interrupt one technique.
    Ink Blast (25 chakra; 25 life)Instant 125 life damage, can't block/interrupt. Line-Range: 2

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